Team Rubicon is a volunteer-led organization. With 65,000+ registered members across the country, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities required to make a volunteer organization run.

Regional Volunteer Leaders

Structured along the same regional breakdown as FEMA, there are ten regions within the United States. Volunteer leader positions, or billets, are mirrored across all ten regions. Leaders in these billets build opportunities to engage volunteers at the local level while increasing Team Rubicon’s ability to respond more effectively to regional disasters.

Regional Leaders are what make Team Rubicon tick. These intrepid volunteers fill out crucial roles in the region - from Technology to Field Ops - to ensure things run smoothly. When you join up, know you're supported by some of the most passionate and engaged volunteers this country has to offer.

Joining the Regional Leadership team is a great way to get more involved in Team Rubicon, create impact in your community, and develop new skills. To see what volunteer leadership positions are available in your region, or to figure out who to contact, check out Roll Call.