High Park Fire Recovery

Project Burnt Tree

Team Rubicon Region VIII deployed volunteers for a training exercise and recovery project after the devastating High Park Fire in Larimer County, CO

veteran wellness

What happens when a wellness manager deploys

How Team Rubicon prioritizes mental health in disaster zones

Clay Hunt Fellows Program

How the CHFP Changed My Life

Stories of Service Rick Byars

Wimberley, TX resident

I saw them working like a house of fire on my neighbor’s home. I was flabbergasted. They are working on my house now, and it is amazing to watch them work - one of the best teams I’ve seen out here during this disaster recovery. They get it done. They don’t ask questions. Get out of their way.
Open Initiative

We need PPE for Data

In order to continually be better, we need to critically evaluate the quality of our data and question how we interpret it.

continued service

Finding purpose through community service

A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs finds continued service helps veterans reintegrate into society and provides positive mental health benefits

Your growing support gets more veteran volunteers out in the field to help more communities in need

$10,926,440 in Volunteer Labor

Thank You Fedex

FedEx provided $50,000 worth of in-kind shipping for our operation in Texas

Even if they're not wearing grey, there are still so many players on our team that make our disaster responses possible.


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Team Rubicon Featured in Outside Magazine

Stories of Service

Everbridge CIO Deploys to Missouri with Team Rubicon

Stories of Service

Why I Belong with Team Rubicon

80-year-old Navy veteran Hal joined TR to help serve after Hurricane Harvey

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Concept of Operations

See how a domestic response operation gets going