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Serving Multiple Communities in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi hails from Madison, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied journalism and strategic communication. Following a stint as a freelance reporter, she served as a public relations professional in the nonprofit sector working to enhance community service through storytelling and online engagement.

The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew continues to plague several coastal states. Communities from Florida to Virginia are cleaning up after storms and flood waters wreaked havoc on residents, and Team Rubicon has launched multiple operations to address the needs of those affected.


Beginning this weekend, Greyshirts from across the Southeast will conduct debris removal, chainsaw operations, muck outs, and spontaneous volunteer management in the following locations:

Operation Loggerhead in Florida

A recon team deployed on Oct. 11 to learn how we can have the most impact for homeowners in need. Region IV then launched Operation Loggerhead to serve residents in Flagler County, FL.

Operation Spanish Moss in Georgia

A recon team deployed on Oct. 12 after President Obama declared a state of emergency for Georgia. Region IV launched Operation Spanish Moss to serve residents in Chatham County.

Operation Pete’s Sake in South Carolina

A recon team hit the ground on Oct. 10 and identified unmet needs in Horry County, where Greyshirts will convene on Operation Pete’s Sake.

Operation Wolfsnare in Virginia

Region III is partnering with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to serve residents on Operation Wolfsnare in Virginia Beach.

Monitoring in North Carolina

The situation in North Carolina remains unstable, as life and safety operations continue. A recon team remains on standby as flood waters begin to recede.

While hundreds have raised their hand to deploy, many work remotely to ensure operations run smoothly.
While hundreds have raised their hand to deploy, many work remotely to ensure operations run smoothly.

We rely on the generosity of volunteers to donate their time and efforts to help those affected by disasters. Want to get involved? Join the team. Furthermore, our responses are made possible by the generosity of donors. Make a donation to back up the team responding to Hurricane Matthew.