Team Rubicon is in coordination with the Department of Defense and other organizations to meet the humanitarian needs unfolding.

The relocation of Afghan families into communities across the United States creates an opportunity for each of us to stand up and assist people in need.


Team Rubicon is prioritizing immediate needs in locations dictated by the Department of State and Department of Defense.

The needs and services are being coordinated through each location and Team Rubicon will continue to assess additional sites as opportunities arise. Team Rubicon is currently supporting the management of donated goods, setting up the logistics at each donation point for collections and distribution in:

Wisconsin at Volk Field & Fort McCoy 

New Jersey at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst 

New Mexico at Doña Ana Range

Virginia at Quantico

Virginia at Fort Pickett

Indiana at Camp Atterbury

Team Rubicon is ready to support multiple locations and consistently exploring our abilities to meet
the ever-expanding need.

If you are interested in supporting the Afghan families, please visit the Amazon wishlists tailored to the specific needs of each base:

Current donation needs*:
*All clothing must be new, conservative & modest styles, such as crewnecks or turtlenecks. no shorts, short dresses, v-necks or tank tops. receipts provided upon request.

  • Toddler Clothing
  • Winter Clothing (Children- All Ages)
  • Winter Clothing (Adults- Small & Medium)
  • Winter Boots (Children- All Sizes)
  • Winter Boots (Adults- All Sizes)
  • Athletic Style Shoes (Toddlers - 1-4 years)
  • Athletic Style Shoes (Children - All ages)
  • Gloves
  • Winter Hats
  • Powdered Baby Formula

Thank you for helping, Minnesotans.

The Minnesota Twins Baseball Club stepped into the arena and generously offered Target Field for Team Rubicon's donation drive for the Afghan families who are currently at Fort McCoy, WI and Camp Atterbury, IN.

The donation drive held on Saturday, October 9,
received 40 pallets of donated winter clothing.


How We're Serving Afghan Families

Team Rubicon is proud to be on the National Welcome Council and a member of the Welcome Coalition, which is the national effort supporting Afghan families as they build new lives in the US.

Our humanitarian and disaster response work is 100% fueled by donations and carried out by veteran-led teams of volunteers.

Donated Goods Management

The sea of goodwill across the U.S. needs to be harnessed effectively so Team Rubicon has stepped up to ensure donated items reach Afghan families in need.   

For group/bulk donations access the donation form HERE

If you have specific questions for our team or about donations
please email
[email protected]

Arrival Site Management

From directing traffic to establishing welcome sites, our volunteers provide administrative support, coordination of personnel on the ground, and guidance for Afghan families moving through the arrival process.

Housing and Accommodation Assembly

Volunteers are coordinating housing arrangements to apartments and homes, and building temporary housing units, and are also assembling furniture and arranging donated household goods for the arriving families. 

Team Rubicon will assist in the setting up of housing units for the newly arrived Afghan families in Denver, Colorado.

Translation Services

Our volunteers who served as military linguists (as well as non-veteran volunteers with linguistics backgrounds) are serving as translators. Understanding Afghan languages such as Pashto and Dari help families move through the resettlement process with clarity and peace of mind more quickly.  

Team Rubicon has provided interpreters to assist with COVID vaccinations at the Dulles Expo Center.

Logistical Support

Transporting people, gear (including COVID-19 safety and testing equipment), and other resources for the incoming families is no easy task. Volunteers with backgrounds in supply management and transport are leading the way to meet the current needs. 

We are currently working with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management in support of the Emergency Repatriation Center’s efforts.


Every dollar donated delivers big impact. Support humanitarian and disaster relief missions through Team Rubicon's Ready Reserve Fund. 



If you are built to serve, then this is your team. Join us in the field and use your skills and talents to serve people in need. Veterans and civilians welcome.

Partnership inquiries [email protected]

For group/bulk donations access the Donation Form here

What is happening in Afghanistan?

As the crisis continues throughout Afghanistan it has become a humanitarian emergency.  

On August 14th, 2021 the Biden Administration announced that the United States government would take urgent and immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis evolving in Afghanistan. Mounting in the form of an evacuation effort, many organizations stepped up to offer support in the mission of securing safe passage for Afghans eligible for evacuation. As Afghan families arrive at pre-determined temporary housing locations, organizations under the direction of the Department of Defense and Department of Security have been asked to assist in this resettlement operation in various capacities throughout the United States. Team Rubicon is one of the organizations leading in this effort. 

Thousands of families are displaced and do not have access to critical lifelines such as shelter, diapers, clothing, and hygiene needs.


Why Team Rubicon?

Team Rubicon is a humanitarian organization that strives to alleviate human suffering. At our core, we believe that we have a commitment to serving people who need us in times of emergency—regardless of race, religion, citizenship status or any other discriminators.


We have a history of stepping up

Quick to mobilize

By focusing on local communities, Team Rubicon has built up a volunteer base of over 150,000 veteran and civilian volunteers all across the country, able to stand up a local response operation at a moment’s notice. 

Quick to collaborate

Our unique skillsets and services have made us an asset for Federal, State, and local organizations and emergency managers nationwide. 
We also collaborate heavily with the larger, big names in disaster response and recovery efforts to best plug into the needs of any specific community across the U.S

Quick to innovate

TR’s culture encourages innovation and agility to meet survivor needs with tech and creative solutions. 

 The enablers and learnings built to support feeding, COVID testing, and vaccinations are now being directly applied to resettlement efforts. Team Rubicon continues to explore the applicability of these various capabilities to meet the need at hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

From donating to volunteering your time and supplies, below are our responses to frequently asked questions on how you can help resettling families.

How should I share information on a place I know of that can shelter incoming families?

Please fill out this donation form and select “Services”  The more details you can provide, the better.  Details like:

  • Where is your space located? 
  • What facilities are available (running water, electricity, etc)?  
  • How many rooms there are, or an approximation of the space  
  • How many people could you house and for how long?  
  • Is there basic furniture or will you be needing assistance with furnishing?

I speak multiple languages. How can I be of help?

Sign up to volunteer with Team Rubicon here, and when prompted to list your skills, be sure to indicate what languages you speak. Once you clear your training, you will be ready to deploy and serve in the field.   

Already a volunteer with Team Rubicon? Update your profile with any and all languages you speak through the link here.

I want to donate items and goods to the resettling families. How can I serve in this way?

We appreciate your generosity. Only specific NEW items will be accepted at this time.  

For group/bulk donations please fill out this form and select “Donations” with your proposed donation.

How much of a time commitment is it to volunteer?

Volunteering to serve on a Team Rubicon operation is all dependent on how much time you have to share. From single-day deployments to week-long missions, volunteering is based on the availability you indicate in your volunteer portal, which can be accessed here. 

Still have questions? Donation and partnership inquiries can be directed towards [email protected]