Team Rubicon in Thailand Day 2

Mike Lee

Mike Lee, a native of Chicago, graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Creative Writing. At LMU, Mike developed international and domestic volunteer trips and served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Student Veterans Organization. Mike’s professional background is in advertising and marketing, and has experience in executing large print and digital campaigns for non-profit and tourism clients. He lives in Los Angeles where he thinks a lot about dogs, bourbon, and the Chicago Bears.

Travel continues on the second day as the team moves closer to the border and its training site.

The team, lead by Bob Thomann, arrived at the small river village of Mae Sariang after a four hour drive down the wet and narrow road leading out of Chiang Mai.

One last meeting was held with our partner NGO 4th Wall Relief here to discuss our final plans and the needs of the students. We were told of students to be treated has risen from 30 to almost 40.

The director of 4th Wall Relief, gave the group a pre-event dinner at one of the best restaurants in the village. Tukki, suspended on stilts over the river is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to. We were presented each with a dish of Fried River Fish with garlic. We’ll be back…

One group of students will be given basic life saving skills while another, more advanced group, will receive training in surgical techniques from Dr. Glenn Geelhoed. A select group of very advanced students will receive an introduction to simple surgical procedures from the surgeon embedded with the team. The goal is to have these students trained and ready to assist visiting surgeons.

Next update: The training begins