Signing Off in Sermathang

Bob Obernier

Navy veteran and retired fire battalion chief Bob Obernier serves as the Region 4 Administrator for Team Rubicon.

Today, volunteers of Operation: Tenzing demobilized from the Sermathang Village of Nepal. The villagers were very appreciative of our work and a bit saddened by our departure.

I was honored to present the village leader with a T-shirt signed by volunteers from TR USA and TR UK. As he walked with me through the village, showing me the work our team had completed as I supported much of the operation from Kathmandu, I was thanked by every villager I passed. This was a humbling experience for me as locals expressed their gratitude.

The relationships and bonds forged with this village will be with us for a life time.  There is still a great deal of work left in rebuilding what was destroyed, but we can take solace in the fact we made a lasting impression on the community.