Region 5 on the ground for Operation: Prairie Dog

Mike Lee

Mike Lee, a native of Chicago, graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Creative Writing. At LMU, Mike developed international and domestic volunteer trips and served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Student Veterans Organization. Mike’s professional background is in advertising and marketing, and has experience in executing large print and digital campaigns for non-profit and tourism clients. He lives in Los Angeles where he thinks a lot about dogs, bourbon, and the Chicago Bears.

Despite there not being any prairie dogs in Illinois, TR deployed several strike teams to the Prairie State for this operation. Over the past week, heavy rains have hammered the Midwest. TR launched two operations, Op: Sandman and Op: Mississippi, to help communities in Wisconsin and Mississippi for the floods. This operation however, is focused on flood recovery.

LaSalle County, which sits on the Fox River, was hit incredibly hard by the flood waters. In the town of Marseilles, for example, over 230 homes and businesses are under four to five feet of water.

Our strike teams, comprised of volunteers from Region 5 and Region 7, hit the ground this morning and immediately began performing damage assessments in the area. Thanks to our friends at Palantir, TR is able to accurately and quickly record and track this data. As of this evening, the teams have cleared several districts and have performed 20+ assessments. Special attention is being paid the homes of first responders, so that recovery efforts can move more quickly.

Additionally, TR is in the process of establishing the Forward Operating Base (FOB) and compiling all needed resources for this operation.

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It is imperative that we are able to recruit more volunteers for Operation: Prairie Dog. Any Region 5 or Region 7 volunteer within 250 of LaSalle County, IL should register their availability in OrgAction ASAP.