Follow-On Team Readies to Deploy

Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi hails from Madison, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied journalism and strategic communication. Following a stint as a freelance reporter, she served as a public relations professional in the nonprofit sector working to enhance community service through storytelling and online engagement.

On Sunday, April 26, a four-man recon team comprised of experienced veterans and first responders deployed to Kathmandu from Los Angeles. This team will coordinate with local, national, and international authorities while Team Rubicon plans for a follow-on team’s arrival to conduct assessments and carry out medical support as needed.

Several volunteers – primarily medical professionals and logisticians – will arrive at TR headquarters in LA this evening before deploying to Nepal first thing in the morning, some in the following 24 hours.

Additionally, members from HaloDrop, a team of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles widely known as drones) mission commanders, military grade video and imagery analysts, and artificial intelligence experts who will provide assessments of the situation on the ground, will also deploy with the team to support our efforts.

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