Operation: Horned Frog

AAR HornedFrog PDF

DATE: 7/9/2013

SUBJECT: After Action Report – Operation Horned Frog

FROM: Christa F. López

TO:    Andrew Stevens

CC:   Jacob Wood, William McNulty, Vince Moffitt, Brian Brown, Evan Koepke



Following a major storm cell including tornadic activity southwest of Dallas Texas on May 15, 2013 Team Rubicon Region VI members were activated on a small response scale to Cleburne TX. The mission was to assess damage of the area, establish a management team and strike teams. Incident objectives included: debris removal; rehabbing damaged structures; supporting local emergency management; Palantir assessments/generating work orders; establishing strike teams; and solidifying lodging and meals.




Initial management team arrived Thursday, May 16, 2013 and worked on establishing contact with local Emergency Management Coordinator, Randy Jenkins. On May 17, 2013 the management team met with Randy Jenkins, as well as other key officials at the local and state level. Team Rubicon was tasked with assignments for debris removal and home remediation for the following operational periods. Two additional Team Rubicon local members assisted in gear preparation and rehab on the 17th. Lodging was established at a local church for the 17th. Palantir sent a representative to assist with assessments. Regional support was provided to onsite management team. Daily conference calls established by HQ for twice a day. Largest convergence of volunteers from Team Rubicon on Saturday the 18th of May; tackled one large work order that consumed the day’s efforts. Palantir conducted assessments on the 18th to determine further work orders for the upcoming operational periods. May 19th work orders were input into the Palantir system by one strike team while the other strike team first worked on the trailer and gear and then progressed to roof remediation and debris removal work orders. Key leadership transition occurred on May 19, 2013, along with the demobilization of the majority of the volunteers. On May 20, 2013 small strike team addressed roof and home rehabilitation needs. Late that afternoon Moore OK was struck with an EF5 tornado, the leadership team addressed the likelihood of Team Rubicon leaving Cleburne on May 21, 2013 with the District Coordinators from Texas Department of Emergency Management.




This incident was a local response and therefore should be best practiced to follow the rules of ICS where incident begin and end on the local level and overall management should have been facilitated by regional assets; too much time was consumed trying to coordinate details with Head Quarters when local vetting could have expedited the process. Improvements should be made to the safety gear to include ample chaps for protection when operating chainsaws. It would have been more beneficial to bring in more volunteers to send out as strike teams on Friday, May 17, 2013 since that where volunteers were available and work was to be had.

Regional leadership support was helpful and having Palantir available was a good training opportunity and also proved to be an asset in showing Team Rubicon’s value to the State officials (see below).



The local District Coordinators from Texas Department of Emergency Management brought in their key leadership to the Team Rubicon command center on May 20, 2013. They were highly impressed with the structure assessment capabilities.