Operation: Big Dig Snowballs in New England

Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi hails from Madison, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied journalism and strategic communication. Following a stint as a freelance reporter, she served as a public relations professional in the nonprofit sector working to enhance community service through storytelling and online engagement.

Over the past month, the coastal area of New England, specifically the south shore region of Massachusetts North to Portland Maine, have experienced multiple winter storms totaling six feet of snow. This has resulted in many homes being snowed in to the point where heating oil resupply and other essential services cannot be delivered. There is also a high risk of roof structural failure due to the weight of the snow.

2015.02.16_BigDig_MARTIN_007As of today, there have been approximately 300 requests in Massachusetts alone for assistance. Team Rubicon has been contacted by Massachusetts VOAD and New Hampshire VOAD to provide assistance to these residences, many of which are low income, elderly, and handicapped. This number will continue to increase.

Members in Region 1 are clearing paths for accessibility and critical heating oil deliveries, as well as raking snow from roofs to prevent collapse. Those in the area can register availability for this weekend here: http://bit.ly/1DDNx9m.

Can’t make it to one of those areas? Support local first responders by clearing hydrants and storm drains across New England communities. Grab a shovel and show off your work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #TRBigDig and #HydrantChallenge.