Message from Dr. Ajak, Chief Medical Officer of Werkok Hospital, South Sudan

Mike Lee

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Dear Drs. Glenn, John and Team Rubicon,

I would like to transmit our thankfulness for Job well done in Werkok and Pibor for the last 2 weeks. Werkok community, patients and the trainees from Panyagor, Duk Payual and Werkok who demonstrated their interest in learning new skills in several areas under the instruction of Dr. Glenn and Sudanese teaching Sudanese program of Continue Medical Education networking. Has showed that our medical staffs have reached another higher level in their surgical skills and clinical judgment. our five work site shall be equipped soon with the supplies we received from you, the following counties (Panyagor, Duk Payual, Werkok, Pibor, Bor civil hospital) will come to pick up their medical supplies donated by Team Rubicon and Dr. Glenn.

Lastly, Pibor community is really blessed for the arrival of our team leaded by Dr. Glenn. We are really overwhelmed about the need in Pibor, these people are the most marginalize of the marginalize of Southern Sudan because there is no access to health care services, zero infrastructure, no running water, and imagine a lot of disease over here in Pibor such as : PTB, Malaria, intestinal parasites, STD, tape worm, brucellosis, typhoid fever, hernias, hepatitis A,B, PID, UTI, PUD, acute diarrheal infections, water born disease, malnutrition, They are lacking of medicines, even qualify medical staffs are lacking. MsF it’s mandate is an emergency medicine, zero surgical procedures been done here at all, woman with obstetric labor can loss her life, ectopic pregnancy or acute appendicitis can loss their lives. We asked MsF staff to give us a room in their facility to operate some of the Murle patients that had been screened for surgery. MsF country director in Juba Mr. Rob Mulder refused, possibly due to their scope of practice contract. However, we went back and created another alternative for our surgeries. During our 4 days here in Pibor We treated 2,500 patients and 5 surgeries done and We referred more than 20 surgical cases to Werkok hospital for further operation. We are the first team started operating in Pibor ever. These people are still living in primitive live, we need to rescue them. Their biggest request is to repair “Lakurnyang Missionary Hospital in Pibor” and bring qualify medical personnel to help them. it’s one of their dream to become reality soon in the nearest future.

We are very grateful to Dr. Glenn and Team Rubicon for helping our people for the last 2 weeks on “Mission to Heal” and for Peace Initiative program between Dinka Bor, Nuer and Murle this is a unique program that will enhance the lives of our people through medical work and skills changes, networking between doctors from different tribes of Jonglei State.


Dr. Ajak Abraham Kuchkon
Chief Medical Officer
Werkok Hospital (MCH)