Launching Operation: Radiowave

Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi hails from Madison, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied journalism and strategic communication. Following a stint as a freelance reporter, she served as a public relations professional in the nonprofit sector working to enhance community service through storytelling and online engagement.

In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), there are several remote health clinics in areas without any communication to the rest of the world as the only means of getting information out is by foot or boat to the nearest large town.  

With the generous financial support of the HISTORY Channel, Team Rubicon launched Operation: Radiowave to support the Communications Network and Electronic Medical Record Expansion Project spearheaded by the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Care Clinic. Our members will help build, install, and train local healthcare workers in the usage of wireless communications systems at eight remote medical facilities in eastern DRC through mid October. 

This project will not only help bridge the communications gap between health centers, but it will also allow clinics to report outbreaks of infections diseases like Ebola within days instead of weeks with the current system, allowing authorities to help prevent widespread outbreaks. 

Together, these tools will enable better data collection, improved treatments, and preventative practices leading to better outcomes for patients, as well as education and training opportunities for health care workers. 

On Sept. 30, two veteran members of TR departed for Operation: Radiowave because of their experience in accessing remote areas and training foreign personnel. 

Pete Biggane and Lee Moore departed for Tanzania from Boston yesterday.

  • gordonsoderberg

    Awesome! We did the same thing after Hurricane Katrina, first with the bus, then In camps all over Louisiana.

  • Bob Connely

    It would have been sparkling and lovely had you identified these two selfless Team Members. Prayers for both of them as they serve humanity.

    • Hey Bob – We’ll share a reflection from this operation from the members deployed soon. We’re impressed and proud to have them on the team.