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–nearly passing all descriptions of the superb ending of our “Flightseeing” Super Safari!

It came after the only disappointment of the entire Circumnavigation-11 missions’ series, with all of us covered with permits to enter and stay in CAR were not able to enter because there was an interval in the six months’ renewal permit for the Cessna Caravan 208 we had chartered and its regular renewal, so we could not fly into Zemio to assist the Assa refugees as we had hoped after a week’s wait with the UPDF (Ugandan Peoples’ Defense Force) who are an international all-African force commissioned to capture LRA Joseph Kony–Africa’s current on-the-run “Bad Guy” who had so savagely mutilated the population of our concern.

We flew out of the Nzara military Air Field on the West Equatoria border and landed in Entebbe, where we said goodbye to Scott Downing, returning to Chad, transferred all the surgical and drug supplies and personal support materials through Ron Pontier, the AIM Air pilot there who will distribute the aid to Ambroise the clinical officer we had hoped to train in Zemio and Obo and to Wendy Atkins the long term missionary leader there and to Jean Marco, above all, my long time friend from “Out of Assa” –the title of the book he now has inscribed to him along with the cash support to have his daughters pursue the nursing and medicine we had hoped to help train them in as well.

We now have made a complete plan for next year that includes a Westward Circumnavigation-12 which will start in the second week in January and go to Werkok/Bor/PiBor (we are working on the renovation of the hospital there in the interval) and also Akobo.

We will then fly westward through Wau with Jon Hildebrandt and a chartered Cessna Caravan 208 for a full week in AmTiman Chad and a side trip to a clinic in Haraz. This is made possible now whereas it was impossible before because–like the requirement to enter through Bangui the CAR capital to fly an additional $6,000 reverse eastward, we could not do this with the “endurance” needed in adequate fuel and payload requirements. Scott’s landlord in Eastern Chad is now politically connected to clear us into AmTiman from over Darfur, entering Chad from the east foregoing the unsustainable trip to the capital N’djamena.

Then we would return via Zemio CAR (since the permit has ironically been renewed but could not be delivered to us because it was the weekend and the newly elected CAR government had not yet got its act together for the twentieth year of renewals). We can then operate in Obo and Zemio and help our Assa refugees further.

The good news from PiBor is attached–our post-op and medically treated large patient volume is doing well, and the fifteen pre-op patients to be operated on in Werkok MCH (Murle in a Dinka/Bor stronghold!) are on their way as you see from the attached messages from Ajak and Rev. Oruzu.

The full container load of supplies we received while here in Jonglei is allocated for each (tribal) group and is being distributed from MCH Werkok to those in need, including Bor, PiBor, Duk Payuel, Akobo, and Upper Nile.

I have just arrived this moment in Mayfield at Nairobi, and, of course, met all those coming and going–one of which by happenstance turns out to be Jeanie Morris–Ron Pontier’s sister (!) who grew up in Assa and can hardly believe that anyone might know where Assa was–let along having written a book about it!

Our Chartered Caravan return through the superb safaris of Masai Mara at Kichwe Tembo and Lake Nakuru are a feast of visual memories you may be able to share in images and videos I will make available later.

Tomorrow, we clear our pharmacy purchases here in Nairobi and settle up all our accounts including the air charter and I will be interviewed by AIM Media for contributing anything they might find useful from the South Sudan successes and future plans based in all the repeated history of all my Missions in this part of the world, along with the “Gifts from the Poor” forthcoming release.

It has been a thoroughly wonderful –long, long run, but we are all in it for the long, long and longer run!

Cheers! As we “Round the Bend” on the Final Third of the Global Girdle via Addis Ababa!


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ajak Abraham
To: Glenn Geelhoed, John Sutter
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 11:28:36 +0300
Subject: FW: Rev. Orozu email
Dear Team,
I hope you have arrived to CAR safely and sound, I know so many things interfered with your trip to that end. Sorry for that, we miss you guys. Please, read the update from Rev. Orozu from Pibor. Have a great weekend.


—— Forwarded Message
From: orozu Daky
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 19:54:08 +0300
To: Ajak Abraham
Subject: Re: Rev. Orozu email

Hi Dr. Ajak,
I am very much humble by your commitment to your people in Pibor. Thank you so much for the treatment you did to our people here. All those who have been operated are fine. No any complications. The rest of the patients who are supposed to travel to Werkok are ready. Jowang and I will let you know about when they will like to travel.
Greet Jacob and the rest of the team
We are very much thankful to the Lord for what you did. He will reward you on our behalf
In his grace
Orozu Lokine Daky
SALT Executive Director
Pibor, South Sudan