All Teams Present and Accounted For

All Teams Present and Accounted For
Vince Moffitt

Team Rubicon's IMT Chief hails from Farmington, NM. Vince has over 20 years of international and domestic emergency response experience between serving as a Fire Battalion Chief, a Task Force Leader for a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, and owning a rescue and disaster instructional and consulting company.

Another update. After last night’s earthquake, all Team Rubicon personnel are accounted for and safe. Our remote teams were enroute to different locations and were cut off by landslides but were able to hike in and connect. After we ensured accountability I broke our team in Kathmandu into 3 squads and we conducted USAR (urban search and rescue) ops in the city in areas with several collapsed buildings. We were working side by side with USA2 from LA County, one of the International US USAR teams. We cleared several blocks and then our doctors stitched up one of the K9 SAR dogs that was injured while searching a collapsed building. Currently we have an all clear on the buildings and USA1 were doing a secondary search as we left to return to base.

We have a small team enroute back to base in Kathmandu. Just sent a team out to help build a field hospital for an evacuated hospital in the city. Tomorrow we will send medical teams out to remote villages from our location in Shermathang to check on small remote villages reporting deaths and injuries.

We have relocated our sleeping arrangements to a new location outside of our current billets and have a plan in place for further large quakes. It has been a crazy day but everyone is good and we have a great group here. Accountability was great, squad leaders took care of their teams and did the best to search the areas and address needs in the areas they were at during the incident. Please continue to pray and keep the Nepali people in your thoughts. This was intense and chaotic and these really great people are emotionally struggling with the previous event, and this created a great deal of additional stress for them.

Thanks for all the support and keep checking the Team Rubicon FB page for info.