The Girl with Bows Gets a Saw

I am far from the experienced military trained individual who ventures out on Team Rubicon operations. I am the intern from HQ, the girl who shows up to work with bows in her hair, loves power tools, but has never in her life in Los Angeles seen a disaster or the number of unknown and dangerous species that Texas has to offer.

Operation: Double Trouble
Meredith (left) deployed on her first operation with TR in Texas after serving as a communications intern since September 2014.

However, I have always wholeheartedly believed in the mission of this organization, and I am now more in love with it than ever before. I have such tremendous respect for the members and comrades on this mission alongside me, not only because of their previous experience and hardships, but also because of the way they teased me, taught me, and welcomed me as one of their own. There were conversations and relationships deeper and more unique than I have ever formed with people I just met. I will remember and carry them with me forever.

Team Rubicon members were greeted by heavy rain and lighting storms just before setting out to their worksites.
Meredith and company were greeted by heavy rain and lightning storms just before setting out to their worksites.

I have never before felt so at home away from home. Whether it was giving me a hard time for living in California, a six-hour conversation, listening and divulging the day’s events, experiencing their first chainsaw cut beside me, or trying to contain ourselves as a crazy Irishman told us stories, this experience will go down in my history as the most memorable, challenging, yet natural experience I’ve ever had.

Throughout the week, I felt as though I belonged and was needed. I have no idea what lies ahead, but I do know I have a renewed confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to, especially with the support of a large, boisterous, rowdy, and amazingly impactful team behind me.