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Reflection from former Navy Combat Engineer and Medic Timothy Chadwick Reynolds

As a brand new Team Rubicon member and Veteran of this great nation, I as a person have been refreshed anew. Today we came together as team, something that I have not experienced since leaving the military in 2002. The camaraderie of this team has been outstanding, even though the first twenty four hours of the mission seemed slow, and the fact that we also seemed to be getting the run around from the local E.O.C., we came together and worked like a unit that had been together for years.

Our mission was to go into an outlying area of Slidell, Louisiana and perform disaster relief. We received our Op Order, arrived at our mission site, was given our safety briefing, and we went to work as a TEAM. What should have taken several hours to accomplish took approximately one hour and forty five minutes. Once again in my life I feel as I have a mission and it is being accomplished, serving the people I swore to defend so many years ago.

Thank you Team Rubicon.

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