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Opportunities Come When Least Expected

I have been a member of Team Rubicon (TR) for a little over three years and in a state leadership role for over two years. I have deployed on regional, national and even international operations, but I have never had to step up and take a lead role.

That changed when severe weather hit my beloved White Mountains of New Hampshire over the 4th of July weekend. This time, it was the community where I live and work. Over 60 roads had been washed out, and the towns of Bethlehem, Hannover, and Warren were hit the hardest with flooding.

It started with a single work order and a project, then more requests for assistance came in and we decided to launch a Type 5 operation. I immersed myself into the role of State Planner. It was a hectic whirlwind of tasks that needed to be completed every day. We launched Operation Stone Face and the request for volunteers went out. The Greyshirts stood up and replied with “Send me.”

I was appointed Incident Commander for the operation. I was a bit unsure of myself, but knew it would all work out. I had a good team backing me up. There were times when it was a bit overwhelming and it was not easy, but I don’t think members join TR because it’s easy.

In our own way, we have all chosen to take the road less traveled by trading afternoon beer and barbecue for hard hats, tools, and Tyvek suits.

Frederick Treiss is an Army veteran and the New Hampshire Planning Coordinator for Team Rubicon.