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Operation: Moonshine – Personal Reflection from Christian Vargas, USMC Veteran

With a driven passion, Team Rubicon has given men the opportunity to help this great nation in time of disaster, chaos and overwhelming experiences. After adding insult to misery and when hell keeps coming down, volunteer citizens, veterans, and emergency response teams trust in their abilities, instincts, and capabilities and have a heart-felt desire to help people.

The devastation that the tornado left in Clinton, Arkansas has made a personal impact to me in a sense that it helps me forget traumatic experiences post-war. Today we visited two homes the tornado demolished and our team acted with a burning desire to help. We repaired the rooftops – something that would of cost them time and money. The team made it a mission to serve and give back to the community without asking what are we going to get out of this or ask why are we here. We just did it.

It is very therapeutic and soothing. It takes anxiety away, makes me forget, lets me vent. Today I celebrate my birthday by helping the community and to me, that is more valuable than any present in the world.

Thanks to Team Rubicon I truly believe we are the prime example what makes this country’s heart beat, great and beautiful.

Christian is a Marine Corps veteran from Region 6.