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Life-Changing Experiences in Texas

It seems cliché, but your life can change in an instant. It happened for me on a cool, September Saturday. I drove from New Jersey to Boston Logan International Airport to hop on a charter flight bringing volunteers to join Team Rubicon’s operations in Houston, TX.
Walking into the airport, I was an individual. Boarding that plane, I was a member of a dynamic and passionate team.
We were ready to serve in whatever role necessary to help the people of Texas. 80 big-hearted able bodies, zero egos, with one mission: Get Shit Done.

I was assigned as a Planning Specialist at Area Command for most of my time in Houston. While I didn’t get up close and personal with the families, our strike teams were helping directly in the field. Working from the AC helped me step back and see the big picture on a daily basis.

There is an overwhelming satisfaction and pride that wells up inside you when you realize the scale of the operation and the good that’s being done. Every day I was there, TR had over 400 volunteers spread over six operating bases serving over 1,200 families in need as part of Operation Hard Hustle in Houston.

The spirit, drive, and selflessness of Team Rubicon’s volunteers is infectious. Every day they challenge you to be a better person than you were yesterday.
I am sad to leave Texas and I’ll definitely get involved in my region when I get home. I walked into the airport last week as an individual, I’m returning a Greyshirt for life.