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Honored to Serve the People of Honduras

I joined Team Rubicon about two weeks before the Honduras leg of Operation Continuing Promise. A friend of mine is on the leadership team in Region V and reached out to me about a need for a dental hygienist, and I was happy to help. I wasn’t sure to expect from this experience, but as I started working at the clinic, one thing truly stood out: the people of Honduras are very gracious and giving and I’m proud to serve them.

Brittany conducts a dental cleaning on a woman in Puerto Cortes, Honduras on Operation Continuing Promise. 


On the third day in the clinic, a woman came in for a dental cleaning. During the cleaning, she found out I was a volunteer and she was visibly happy and thankful I had volunteered my time to help her. When I started to get up, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had tears in her eyes as she rubbed my back and said, “You’re my angel. God bless you.” It made me feel a little overcome with emotion as well. I was honored to provide her that service, along with the many others that came through the clinic, all showing their thanks by offering us gifts. 

I was a truck driver and bulk fueler in the Wisconsin Army National Guard from 2005 – 2017, and I’m happy that I was invited to participate in this operation and look forward to participating more. Thanks to Team Rubicon, I can not only continue serving my own country but I’m able to serve others as well. 

Brittany is a dental hygenist who resides in Milwaukee, WI, and served with the Wisconsin Army National Guard from 2005 - 2017.