Helping the Helpers

Team Rubicon volunteers serve Baltimore homeowners Carol and Kenny who give local homeless people free haircuts and a place to sleep.

Helping Fellow Puerto Ricans

Jaisiel Cosme shares his experience helping fellow Puerto Ricans impacted by Hurricane Maria even though his home is still damaged.

Seeing Through the Fog of Depression & Addiction

“It was extremely difficult to see through the fog of depression and addiction, until I rediscovered the power of service in the AmeriCorps programs. Now, I am incredibly proud to call my self a Team Rubicon member and that I continue to serve our brothers and sisters around the world, healing through service with our tribe. Working and serving with other veterans is honest medicine for me and I am grateful to TR for providing such memorable service experiences.”

Helping Others is Not a One-Way Street

Army veteran and physicians assistant Scott Seager shares how serving in Guatemala with Team Rubicon helped him in return.

Welcomed With Open Arms in Guatemala

Critical care paramedic Valerie Desio describes why volunteering with Team Rubicon in Guatemala was one of the best decisions she has ever made.