We Hugged, We Smiled, and We Cried

Take a moment to read about how volunteers helped a homeowner celebrate his birthday amid a tough time recovering from a disaster.

Mother Nature, Don’t Mess with Texas

“The only thing that matters is we have chosen to help and serve others. It does not matter one iota what your gender, age, sexuality, religious beliefs, political stance or physical capabilities are.”

Learning to Dance in the Rain in South Texas

Team Rubicon volunteer Kim Gwara shares how people who are experiencing some of their worst moments in life show compassion and care for the volunteers helping them recover.

Repaying My Fellow Americans with Service

My perspective might be a little different. I got involved with Team Rubicon after almost 26 years in the U.S. Air Force. I was looking for a volunteer organization to join that would help the community and use my skills so I did a search for disaster response and read about TR. I thought it … Read More