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Volunteers Helping Clean Up Destroyed Houses From Fire

“When they come out they are kind of having this renewed sense of purpose and drive and they have this identity in Team Rubicon”, Heather Carlson, Team Rubicon’s PIO said.

Team Rubicon is a disaster relief organization that is made up of veterans, first time responders, and volunteers.

“You have to kind of have a certain heart and a certain kind of, you have to be a person who loves this to want to do it, and it’s been great”, Carlson commented.

Red Cross volunteers gathered rakes, shovels, masks, and other cleaning supplies, which Team Rubicon and community volunteers used to help in relief efforts.

“I am impressed at the number of people who have come forward to volunteer to ask what they can do to help clean up”, Pat Kondas with American Red Cross said.

And with more hands, the cleanup is easier for everyone.

“We are helping to make this as easy as possible because if you’re two people or four people standing in that piles it feels overwhelming it feels like an ocean and then when you have 25 people down there it’s like we are a team and were working together and were going to get you out of this and were going to bring you to higher ground”, Carlson added.

Carlson and many other Rubicon volunteers are going through the debris, sorting out, and saving personal items for homeowners.

“When I was sifting I found one of the wives’ rings and so I got to give her her ring back and I don’t know if it was a super special ring but she was very excited and it’s like these little pieces because in those moments you feel like you have nothing”

If you would like to donate any cleaning supplies Red Cross will be at the intersection of Geary Dome and Cole Creek Road.

And if you want to donate or are in need of food, Red Cross is referring people to go to Joshua’s Store House.