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Veterans Assist in Albany in Storm Clean-Up

Madeleine Rivera

Madeleine Rivera is a reporter for YNN Albany.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Residents are still cleaning up after the severe storm that hit the Capital Region earlier this week. Some people in Albany received a little extra help Saturday.

Several members of Team Rubicon spent the day cleaning houses and basements, which were washed out by Tuesday’s storm.

A gutted out basement is not exactly a place you would expect people to bond.

“We go where people have a need. We go to disaster hit areas,” said Todd Adrian.

Adrian and everyone else at 25 Elberon Place share a passion for service. That’s why they spent their day cleaning the basement of the house. It was washed out by a severe storm that hit Albany earlier this week.

“You’re happy to be here helping people and making a difference,” said Adrian.

It’s a passion that was born several years ago. Adrian is a veteran. He served six and half years in the Coast Guard. Now, he’s joined by several other veterans, all members of the disaster relief organization Team Rubicon.

“It’s that sense of helping your fellow men. It’s that feeling of someone’s got your back,” said Marc Denofio, a communication director for the organization.

Luigi Benincasa certainly had that feeling. He’s the landlord of 25 Elberon Place.

“They did enough work in a couple of works that probably would have taken me and a friend months to do,” Benincasa said.

Team Rubicon didn’t only clean Benincasa’s basement. They visited several homes in the city, lending a hand where they could, and accepting praise, as they should.

“To tell you the truth, I got a little choked up,” said Benincasa.

This probably won’t be the last time that these veterans will see a gutted out basement. It’s a simple reminder that their service continues even after they take off their uniform.