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Veteran Group “Team Rubicon” Aids In Wayne and Dixon Co. Tornado Relief

Diana Johnsen

Diana Johnsen is a reporter for ABC 9 in Sioux City, IA.


Near Wakefield, NE (ABC9 News) – Meet Team Rubicon: 25 men and women who are a mix of first responders and veterans who have served our country.

Now they’re serving near places like Wakefield, Nebraska as a relief effort after a tornado tore through Wayne and Dixon counties last week.

Their assignment is “Operation Tough Town”, and it’s a twofold mission.

After leaving or retiring from the military they say that sense of service is lost, but that’s where Team Rubicon comes in.

“Deploying to these disasters, coming together as a team in that same structured environment, providing help to those in need after a disaster really brings that sense of purpose back to us,” said Bob Obernier, Operation Tough Town Commander.

No matter what fields they’ve served in, each of the veterans have certain skills sets handy in the field.

“I was in the navy, so it’s slightly different than a lot of the guys, but that also helps and benefits because I bring a technical side to the team,” said Maxwell Jones, a NAVY veteran who has been with Team Rubicon for a few years.

“>While they say disasters are their business and veterans are their passion, it’s no doubt they want to see every mission through.

“Just meeting with the homeowner here, he’s just so grateful that we’re here,” said Jaime Habersat, a volunteer with Team Rubicon.

The team will be in the area until Sunday.