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Team Rubicon’s Dr. Glenn Geelhoed to be featured in upcoming Sudan documentary We Are The Ones

Mike Lee

Mike Lee, a native of Chicago, graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Creative Writing. At LMU, Mike developed international and domestic volunteer trips and served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Student Veterans Organization. Mike’s professional background is in advertising and marketing, and has experience in executing large print and digital campaigns for non-profit and tourism clients. He lives in Los Angeles where he thinks a lot about dogs, bourbon, and the Chicago Bears.

Dr. Glenn Geelhoed is leading TR to the Sudan in early 2011 to deliver on his medical peace initiative between the Dinka and the Murle tribes. A documentary about his medical peace initiative called We Are The Ones is set to be released soon.

During the Second Sudanese Civil War, nearly two million people were killed in what proved to be one of the longest and deadliest wars of the 20th century. In the aftermath of the brutality, the population of South Sudan was left with a shattered infrastructure: a struggling government, few schools, and a health system in crisis.

We are the Ones is a documentary film that tells the stories of Sudanese medical professionals who are trying to re-establish medical care for their people. They fight to prevent illness and mend wounds with limited resources while simultaneously struggling with tribal conflicts that permeate the region. These men remain inspired to make positive changes in their communities, and in the process, perhaps, begin to heal their nation.

From We Are The Ones journal:

Werkok, South Sudan

Dr. Geelhoed’s medical team has been working to build the capacity of the already capable staff here in Werkok. One session involved training in hand signals to use during surgery so that the right instruments can be handed to the surgeon no matter what languages are spoken in the operating room. Dr. Geelhoed worked with Dr. Ajak on techniques to use in hernia surgeries. We then saw Dr. Ajak training other members of his staff on those techniques the next day. The knowledge Dr. Geelhoed’s team has brought with them is making a tangible difference in the actions and capabilities of the staff here in Werkok.