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Team Rubicon deploys to earthquake disaster in Nepal

Susy Raybon

Military Community Examiner

Yesterday, Team Rubicon announced the deployment of a recon team to the earthquake disaster in Nepal. According to their site, a larger team is forming for a potential follow-up deployment. The organization will make an announcement soon.

The 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal two days ago has left aconfirmed 2,400 people dead with the number expected to grow as deceased are located in the rubble. The quake is the largest to hit the country since 1934. Nepal’s capital city,Kathmandu, with a population in excess of one million, has been devastated. Estimates say nearly 90 percent of the homes in the city have been destroyed.

Aftershocks in the region put Tribhuvan International Airport inKathmandu temporarily out of commission. Flights on the ground were unable to take off this morning and incoming aid from the international community was put on hold until the viability of the flight line could be determined.

The United States immediately committed $1 million in cash to the devastated country along with a disaster-response team and will no doubt expand the financial amount when the needs are fully assessed in the disaster zone. Humanitarian supplies from the U.S. are already en route. Officials say it could take billions in international aid to assist the small country. Along with Yemen, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Formed after the earthquake disaster in Haiti in 2010, Team Rubicon was founded by retired U.S. Marines William McNulty and Jacob Wood. They have tapped the skills and experience of American military veterans to rapidly deploy emergency response teams both at home and abroad.

Readers who would like to keep abreast of Team Rubicon’s response to Nepal can view their Facebook page here.Donations to the non-governmental agency can be made via a link on the page.