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Nepal Quake 2015: Team Rubicon springs into action

Ben Dutka

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The largest earthquake to hit Nepal since 1934 has left at least 2,400 people dead.

In response to the fallout generated by the 7.8 quake, Team Rubicon has announcedthe deployment of a recon team. The team will focus on Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu, which now lies in ruins. Early estimates say 90 percent of the city’s homes have been destroyed, which leaves the majority of the one million inhabitants homeless.

The quake that left thousands dead and many more homeless.

Incoming aid from Team Rubicon and the United States will have some difficulty getting to the disaster zone, as aftershocks have put the Tribhuvan International Airport temporarily out of commission. But Team Rubicon is determined to help. The group was founded by retired U.S. Marines William McNulty and Jacob Wood, and their goal is to provide help and assistance worldwide. They also work to provide veterans with purpose, community and self-worth, and they aim to “bridge the gap between military and civilian life.” Essentially, they’re saving lives in order to save lives; learn more at their impressive Our Mission page.