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Former military volunteer team helping with Pasco flood recovery

Kera Mashek

Covering the news of the Tampa Bay area as a reporter/MMJ for ABC Action News (WFTS)


Team Rubicon on the ground helping with clean-up

Storm recovery is in full swing in Pasco County as the region approaches the one month mark since flooding began. Now a new team has boots on the ground, ready to support residents coping with clean-up.
Team Rubicon arrived Monday.
The organization is made up of military veterans and first responders, and they’ve launched “Operation: Old Anchor” in Pasco County. Right now they’re organizing supplies and going through a list of people in need given to them by Volunteer Florida.  Starting Tuesday, they’ll be going to affected homes and helping with mold clean up, mud and debris removal, helping to save homeowners thousands of dollars during the recovery process.
The nonprofit group says the skill set of military and emergency personnel is a real asset to helping serve storm ravaged communities.
“It’s not only helping the survivors of the disaster, it’s helping the veterans. When we signed the line and raised our right hands, you know, to serve our country. You know, when we get out of the military, it’s one of the things we miss. Team Rubicon brings it all back together, and gives us that sense of purpose, service and mission once again,” said Bob Obernier, Team Rubicon incident commander.
The team expects to be working in Pasco County for the next week. Thanks to a unique partnership, any tools they need are supplied for free by Home Depot.
If you need help with flood clean-up and would like Team Rubicon to come to you, you’re encouraged to call the county help line at 727-847-2411.
You can also go to the flood recovery center open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Public Works Building in the West Government Complex in New Port Richey. That center will move Wednesday to 8620 Galen Wilson Blvd., also in New Port Richey, and operating the same hours.