Select your company's week in Houston

Team Rubicon invites employees with corporate partners to help us rebuild homes impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. Next steps:

  1. Check out answers to FAQs to the right.
  2. Identify your company’s POC. Then select and vet your deployment team (4 people per team).
  3. If you’re the team lead for your company, read Team Rubicon’s guide to hitting the field.
  4. Identify the days your team is available to serve. Days highlighted in grey on the calendar are unavailable.
  5. Every volunteer must complete the sign-up form. Then await further instruction from Team Rubicon. You will be emailed by the team in Houston.
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I'm not affiliated with Team Rubicon, can I still volunteer for the Houston Rebuild?

Yes! Rebuild is open to partners, sponsors, and anyone unaffiliated with Team Rubicon. Click the "sign up now" button on this page.

I don't have any carpentry experience. Can I still volunteer for rebuild?

Yes! We’ll provide the instruction and tools;  you bring your grit.

I work for a corporate partner and I want to volunteer outside of our group. Is that possible?

Yes! We’d prefer if you recruit some colleagues and deploy as a team, but you can sign up as an unaffiliated volunteer using this form.

Who makes a good Corporate Point of Contact?

A military vet is preferred, as they best understand the concept of 'force multiplier.' The Corporate POC will be responsible for all administration, logistics,and communications between your team and TR.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

List your preferred availability using this form.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel, lodging, or meals?

No. Your organization is responsible for all of your expenses incurred while volunteering.

How many people can our company send at once?

Four people maximum per day.

What gear should I bring?

Above ankle work boots, long pants, and company t-shirt are the basics. Review the Rebuild Packing list.

Do I need to bring my tool belt or any of my tools?

No. TR will supply the tools required to do the job. You just need to bring your kickass attitude.

What is the work schedule?

The workweek is Tuesday thru Saturday. Monday and Sunday are travel days for those deploying by air. Volunteers will not be accepted for work in the field on Sunday or Monday.

Do we wear TR grey shirts?

No. Corporate volunteers will be provided with TR partner t-shirts or you can wear your company t-shirt for some unit pride.

Can we document the experience/take pictures?

We love capturing teamwork and a job well done. Our photography guidelines are found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extra Shot of Good

Corporate Partners in the Field

Starbucks employee and Marine Corps veteran Rebecca Chitwood deployed to Houston in the wake of Harvey.

Partners in the Field

Case Serves as a Force Multiplier

Case Construction not only supplies Team Rubicon volunteers with heavy equipment to tackle big jobs, their employees have joined us in the field in the wake of disaster.

Stories of Service Estela Beaudreault

Houston Homeowner

Eight months after Harvey, Estela returned to her home of 40 years, rebuilt by Team Rubicon.

Ready to Rebuild

Honoring Our Commitments

Team Rubicon entered the long-term recovery phase in 2018. Learn why we we're taking the next step to support those impacted by the hurricanes of 2017.

Rebuilding Homes Impacted by Harvey

Long-Term Recovery

Team Rubicon is partnering with SBP to serve residents in the Houston area, with the aim of rebuilding 100 homes by 2020.

Inaction is Not An Option

Cohort 6 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program

12 military veterans are leading the rebuilding efforts in Houston.