Operation Dorian Greyshirt Hurricane Dorian

Team Rubicon launched a mobile medical aid operation in The Abaco Islands, The Bahamas to provide support to residents impacted by Hurricane Dorian with our WHO EMT Type 1 Mobile. Working in conjunction with local, provincial, and national authorities, Team Rubicon volunteers will provide mobile medical services to affected communities, including triage, clinical care, and basic laboratory and pharmacy capabilities. In coordination with the broader incident response framework, Team Rubicon’s EMT Type 1 Mobile will be working to help stabilize the situation, provide medical care in hard-to-reach and remote areas, and helping to monitor for and prevent disease outbreaks. Team Rubicon will also conduct response activities in Grand Bahama and Great Abaco to assist in ongoing hurricane response and recovery efforts. Team Rubicon’s task force will provide debris management (heavy equipment, sawyers, muck-outs), and expedient home repair to affected communities in coordination with authorities.

  • Hurricane
  • Abaco Islands, The Bahamas
  • Completed Sep 04, 2019 - Nov 21, 2019
  • 80 Volunteers
  • 68 Patients Served
  • 152 Work Orders

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