• Operation: Roll Tide

    • In Response to: Tuscaloosa Tornado
    • Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
    • Active: Apr 30, 2011 - May 8, 2011
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Team Rubicon conducted its first domestic mission in April, 2011 following the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the Southeast. Over 20 veterans responded to Tuscaloosa, AL; providing debris clearing, home repair, and emergency operations management to local authorities.

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June 28, 2011 Open publication - Free publishing - More team rubicon Read More »

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TR in TakePart.com

Team Rubicon Voices From Alabama's 'Ground Zero': Young Vets and Filmmakers Step In After the Storm Take Part.com At dawn, one week after deadly tornadoes ripped through the South, Scott Lederer and his filmmaking team watched the sun rise over the debris in Tuscaloosa—an Alabama town dubbed the 'Ground Zero' of the storm. Scott, Gadi… Read More »

Field Reports

Operation: Roll Tide After Action Report

Open publication - Free publishing - More team rubicon Read More »

Operation: Roll Tide

Roll Tide PDF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On April 27th and May 22nd, major EF-4 and EF-5 tornados struck the metropolitan areas of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Joplin, Missouri, respectively.  While major tornado outbreaks are not uncommon in the region, these storm systems were particularly volatile, and, when combined with the random occurrence of striking population centers, combined… Read More »

Call for veteran volunteers, equipment, and donations for Dora, Alabama

Team Rubicon’s Howard "Ford" Sypher has linked up with the Dora, Alabama civil authority (i.e. the mayor, local fire and police) to provide much needed assistance to this rural town. Dora is a small community outside Birmingham that was affected by the tornadoes, but had yet to receive aid until TR arrived. The town of… Read More »

An Update and a Thank You

We have been working at Terry's house all day. Terry had 5 trees go down in his yard, two of which are now resting on the corner of his home. He was with his young son when the storm came through, and said the sound of the old oak trees in the backyard snapping was… Read More »

Thank you TR supporter, Jeff Jumper!

A quick thank you to our meteorologist and TR supporter Jeff Jumper from WSFA in Mobile, Alabama. Jeff is always a phone call away when we need accurate weather advice, and with some foul weather approaching Tuscaloosa, he was our first call. Assets like Jeff are key for allowing us to plan our operations and… Read More »

l Tide: TR prepares for first domestic mission

Team Rubicon is rallying this evening at a cabin in the town of Geiger, Alabama, about 40 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa. The Geiger cabin will serve as TR's base of operations for this mission. At 0700 TR is meeting with the Alabama Department of Transportation where we will receive orders, maps, and an area of… Read More »

Team Rubicon activates East Coast Team for Bama Tornado Disaster

Team Rubicon, led by East Coast Coordinator Matt Pelak, has activated a hybrid team of veterans and firefighters to respond to the disaster in Alabama. The team will focus entirely on clean up efforts and will have no medical mandate for its mission. The effort is part of a broader initiative to engage returning veterans… Read More »


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