• Operation: Greased Lightning

    • In Response to: Hurricane Sandy
    • Location: Rockaway Peninsula, NY
    • Active: Oct 31, 2012 - Dec 3, 2012


Teams from DC, VA, PA, NJ, NY, and MA were in action in the days leading up to the superstorm and were active in the response for weeks afterward. In total, over 350 volunteers from across the States converged on New York and New Jersey and led over 10,000 volunteers in response operations.

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November 30, 2012 Read More »

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November 22, 2016 Superstorm Sandy gave Pete Wawrzonek another opportunity to serve and showed him that disasters can bring communities together. Read More »

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Team Rubicon in Outside: “We are all Going to Die Tonight’: Fire in the Rockaways

Outside senior editor Abe Streep joins Team Rubicon USA, a volunteer group of former active military personnel who deploy at a moment's notice to disaster zones, during recovery efforts following a fire that swept through Belle Harbor, Queens, on the night Hurricane Sandy hit Outside Online By: Abe Streep - December 19, 2012 The Bay came… Read More »

TR on King 5: Marine answers the call of duty for his slain son

by ERIC WILKINSON / KING 5 News Posted on November 29, 2012 at 6:10 PM Mike Washington is one of three generations in his family who've dedicated their lives to serving others. The retired Marine and 25 year Seattle firefighter taught his children the importance of being part of something bigger than themselves. “I told… Read More »

TR in Stars and Stripes: Hundreds of vets lend a hand in Sandy relief

Stars and Stripes By: Leo Shane III - Nov. 10, 2012 The official New York City Veterans Day festivities take place Sunday in Manhattan, but members of Team Rubicon have been holding their own parade in Queens for the last week. These volunteers — all skilled U.S. veterans — have been walking the main routes of… Read More »

TR in Newsweek – A Return to the Battlefield

The veterans of Team Rubicon plunge into the disaster zone. Newsweek By: Tony Dokoupil - Nov. 6, 2012 Shortly after dinner, residents of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, saw the first black waves on their lawns. The neighborhood was supposed to be protected by barrier islands, but Sandy sent the ocean into the one-story bungalows, thickening photo… Read More »

TR on NBCLatino.com – A veteran jumps in to help Hurricane Sandy victims

NBCLatino.com By: Kristina Puga - Nov. 2, 2012   It’s been nearly a decade since former U.S. Marines Sergeant Marvin Avilez served his last tour in Iraq. Yet, the skills he gained working 14 years working in counterintelligence and interrogation still come in handy, and he’s now using them to help the victims of Hurricane… Read More »

TR in Forbes.com – Veterans Respond to Hurricane Sandy with Team Rubicon

Forbes.com By: Shaun So - Nov. 1, 2012 I joined the military in a time of war to help people in need. I didn’t know it at the time, but my natural proclivity for risk-taking drove me to eight years of service and a 12-month tour in Afghanistan. While my life as an entrepreneur has been… Read More »

TR on NBCNews.com: War veterans hit Sandy’s front lines for rescues, cleanup

NBCNews.com By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor - Nov. 1, 2012 Up to his armpits in flood water, flanked by darkened buildings and submerged vehicles, Iraq veteran Peter Meijer felt oddly at home Monday night as he trudged through the streets of Brooklyn at the height of Sandy's fury: "The right place at the right time… Read More »

Field Reports

Team Rubicon in Process of Transitioning Hurricane Sandy Operations to Long-Term Recovery Organizations

Team Rubicon (TR) has been graced with overwhelming support from the communities we have served in response to the havoc Hurricane Sandy wrought upon the Eastern Seaboard.  We’ve made friends, developed partnerships, and grown as an organization because our services have been welcomed by citizens, local & federal agencies, and other relief organizations.   TR is… Read More »

A Thank You to Brooklyn Boulders

Before Sandy charged up the Eastern seaboard, we felt like we had this disaster relief thing down. Anywhere in the world, we felt confident that we could dispatch a crack team of TR volunteers to accomplish the task at hand, be it running a refugee camp, training medics in a jungle, or ripping chainsaws to… Read More »

Big Operation, Small World

Nicole Ross, a registered nurse supporting Team Rubicon during Winter Storm Athena, snaps a photo of Ford Sypher’s wrist band, engraved with the name of James J. Regan. Regan was Sypher’s first team leader during his first deployment in Iraq, and was killed in action February 9, 2007. Though Sypher and Ross did not know… Read More »


Team Rubicon jumps into the thick of it in Regions I, II, and III. Sandy did her worst to thrash the East coast, leaving in her wake the worst of calamities: from devastating floods, to thrashing winds, driving rain and snow, widespread power outages, she even left some homes to be consumed by resulting fires.… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Team Rubicon picks a fight with Sandy

  BREAKING NEWS: Team Rubicon picks a fight with Sandy. Tells her she looks fat in her spandex. The T-birds over at Team Rubicon ditched the stupid luau and got down to work. Operation Greased Lightning has kicked off with TR mobilizing six response teams stretching from D.C. to New York, with a larger contingent… Read More »

Team Rubicon Monitoring Hurricane Sandy

Team Rubicon is monitoring Hurricane Sandy. As a reminder to all volunteers, please continue to check OrgAction for up-to-date deployment opportunities. Read More »


From Team Retirement to Team Rubicon

Superstorm Sandy gave Pete Wawrzonek another opportunity to serve and showed him that disasters can bring communities together. Read More »

Operation: Greased Lightning – Personal Reflection from TR Volunteer Jeremy Wilkins

There is no way to explain what I witnessed over this past weekend other than saying I have never witnessed first hand this type of destruction.  Lives were forever changed by Hurricane Sandy, and now it’s time to recover what we can. I vowed after Hurricane Katrina that if an event like this ever happened… Read More »

Personal Reflection from Army Veteran Rob Ulrey

Over the last week I had the opportunity to do something I had never done before, something that I have craved being a part of since its inception a little under 3 years ago.  I was finally able to deploy to a disaster area with Team Rubicon.  There is more to this story though, as… Read More »

Op: Greased Lightning – Personal Reflection from Wilderness EMT Ryan Miller

The day started with homemade pancakes from Theresa, a TR member in Trenton who kindly opened her home and kitchen to a team of thirteen. We then deployed to Brick, NJ to clear streets for emergency services access. In a little over an hour we got five chainsaws running and cleared three trees from the street.… Read More »