In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Team Rubicon launched a long-term recovery pilot in Houston, working to rebuild 100 hurricane-impacted homes in the area by 2020. With the successful implementation of a rebuild program in Houston and an outstanding need for these services in Florida, Team Rubicon is committed to rebuilding 30 homes in Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Rebuild Fellowship

To help manage rebuild efforts in Florida,  Cohort 8 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program (CHFP) will be based in Collier County, FL to serve as Recovery Fellows. The Rebuild Fellows will serve as full-time employees of Team Rubicon, and in addition to the standard curriculum of the CHFP, the Fellows will be responsible for overseeing recovery and construction projects.

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program

The intent of the CHFP is to develop competent professionals capable of competing in the civilian workforce, and as leaders within Team Rubicon.

About the Clay Hunt Fellows Program

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program was established to increase volunteer engagement and to build leadership within Team Rubicon’s domestic disaster response initiatives. Through their role, Fellows will not only receive the purpose, community, and identity Clay sought, but they will be charged with building similar opportunities for others within the organization.

Cohort 8 of the CHFP will lead the Florida Rebuild for homeowners affected by Hurricane Irma in Collier County, Florida.

Expanding Our Recovery Model

The damage caused by Hurricane Irma was extensive and wide-reaching; estimates show more than 100,000 families were impacted by the hurricane. To that end, committing to rebuild 30 homes may seem insignificant. Team Rubicon’s rebuilding efforts will focus on low to moderate-income families to make the greatest impact possible.


Hurricane Harvey Rebuild Fellowship FAQs

How long is this fellowship and do I have to move to Florida? If I have to move, does TR cover my relocation fee?

This fellowship is 12 months long and kicks off in late August 2018. Fellows will be expected to live or move to Collier Country, Florida. Team Rubicon does not cover the cost of the move – gutsiest move I’ve ever seen, Maverick.

How is this program different from other cohorts of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program?

At the core of the program, it is identical – once complete with the orientation and self-discovery phases, Fellows will oversee the rebuild of homes in Florida, vice working on a capstone project.

Do Fellows receive a stipend?

No, this fellowship is considered to be full-time employment with Team Rubicon, so instead of receiving a stipend, Fellows will receive hourly pay ($10-12 per hour) and a full benefits package.

Are there any educational requirements?

Not up front – all tenacious, service-driven veterans are welcome to apply. In addition to learning a new trade skill as construction site supervisors, Fellows will be required to complete ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) at some point during the fellowship year.

Do applicants have to be a TR “Greyshirt” in order to be considered?

Nope, not necessary. If not already a Team Rubicon member, Fellows will get registered and deployment ready as part of orientation. Accepting veterans with a discharge of OTH and above.

What sort of skills do I need in order to be considered eligible? Will I still be considered if I don't have much or any construction experience?

Only skill you need to posses is tenacity (we will teach you the rest) – that’s what is going to get the job done!

Why are only veterans eligible for this fellowship?

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program is specifically designed for veterans – why? Because they are Team Rubicon’s passion. This program picks up where Clay Hunt left off – rebuilding a new home.

What are the expectations during this cohort?

Fellows can expect to work 50 to 60 hours per week, overseeing the rebuild of approximately two homes per build-out period. Additionally, Fellows will be required to participate in the CHFP ongoing cohorts when their year is up.

Is there an opportunity for full-time employment after the year?

There most certainly is. Team Rubicon is a rapidly growing disaster response organization looking to build resilient communities of trained volunteer forces across the country. The organization is also hiring location-based coordinators in key markets.

What's the tie-in with Clay Hunt? Why not make it its own Rebuild Houston fellowship?

Clay found happiness in serving others through reconstruction – he discovered his passion during several deployments to Haiti, which drove him to hone his skills in the U.S.; which he was doing until he lost his battle with PTSD. Because of that, we are including this fellowship under the umbrella of CHFP.



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