Volunteering with Team Rubicon is a unique experience. You’ll deploy to a community in a time of need to provide meaningful and impactful service. You’ll create strong bonds with the men and women on your left and right. You’ll finish the job tired, sore, and proud.

We understand not everyone can swing a 20 lb. sledgehammer for a week straight. And not everyone can take a week away from work and family to travel across the country. If you are passionate about serving, there is a role for you.


Service Project

When we’re not responding to disasters, we’re training. We’re constantly running service projects across the country to assist local communities while keeping our skills sharp. Service projects often involve homebuilding, treework, or debris clearing.

Skills Required: None

Training Required: None

Travel: Local

Time Commitment: Half or Whole Day


Storms and severe weather events are constant – most don’t make it to the news cycle. The Team Rubicon WatchCenTR is a dispersed group of volunteers who keep an eye to the sky and alert Team Rubicon to potential threats. They play an integral role in the initial planning for disaster response operations.

Skills Required: Information Gathering

Training Required: WatchCenTR Intro

Travel: None

Time Commitment: A few hours per month


Mission Planning Team

Once a potential threat or need has been identified, via WatchCenTR or through local government or partner organizations, the Mission Planning Team (MPT) gets to work. By gathering information, developing a scope of work, and liaising with the affected community and other responding agencies, the MPT provides the critical framework to allow for a successful operation.

Skills Required: Incident Command System Knowledge

Training Required: ICS

Travel: None

Time Commitment: A few hours per month, may increase in busy season


Time to put boots on the ground. Team Rubicon deploys on three types of operations – response, recovery, and mitigation – but all have a similar goal: assist a community impacted by disaster.

While deployed on an operation, there are a number of roles you can fill, though some require additional online or in-person training.

Skills Required: Willingness to get dirty and kick disaster ass

Training Required: TR 101: Step Into the Grey

Travel: Dependent

Time Commitment: Dependent – operations within a safe driving distance from your residence don’t require a time commitment. For operations that require air travel or more than 450 miles of driving, volunteers should be able to deploy for one week.

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