Volunteer Management System

Foundational Understanding  

We’ve got some great news! This November, TR will launch the first version of its brand spanking new Volunteer Management System.

Based on our bold vision to be a leading nonprofit in the use of digital technology to engage volunteers, the first VMS you will use sets the bar high. It includes functionality to revolutionize how we create and manage volunteer events, as well as how new volunteers and active Greyshirts experience TR online and onsite at events.

Based on Microsoft’s Office and Dynamics 365 software, the VMS puts one version of the Volunteer’s “truth” at your fingertips, in addition to giving us all automated workflow and reporting we’ve not had in our history.

A group of VLs and Regional Staff huddled in Denver to learn and test the system. Here’s a summary of what they wanted to share with the rest of the TRibe:

VMS Talking Points 

What’s in VMS for new volunteers and Greyshirts?

  1. A redesigned and volunteer-friendly sign-up portal (aka, Roll Call)
  2. Ability to see and explore events nationwide and near you
  3. An instant and embedded waiver form (Goodbye Smart Waiver)
  4. Visible points of contact for Leaders and Volunteers
  5. Easy to update address, non-TR credentials, as well as other personal information (automatic region update!)
  6. Get the information you want through customized notifications
  7. All of my data and history from Roll Call, Cornerstone, and Regional Events in one organized, accessible place

What’s in VMS for Staff and Volunteer Leaders?

  1. All in one event creation and automated approval process – it eliminates event and session confusion
  2. Automated, “no touch” waivers
  3. Advanced search of records across volunteers, events, and eventually more
  4. Central contact system to find fellow VLs and POCs for questions
  5. Reporting at your fingertips
  6. RIP Google sheets
  7. On-demand training – we’re making training videos, bring popcorn


Preparing for the Outlook Web Email migration

Last Update 8/31

Google groups have finally made the transition to outlook, in the form of Office Distribution Groups.

You can view the groups you are a member of, and edit groups that you own by going to Settings > Mail > General > Distribution Groups from your outlook web client, or by clicking here


To log in to your email go to portal.office.com.

Now that we’ve completed phase 1 of the Microsoft migration by implementing Azure Single Sign-On, we’re moving forward with the Outlook email migration. Phase 2 of this project is the migration of GMail accounts to our new Outlook email service.

On August 6, the tech team will migrate all staff and volunteer leader GMail accounts to Microsoft Outlook. Below you will find information on how to ready yourself for the upcoming email migration and what to expect on the day of the migration.

Please read these FAQs thoroughly and don’t hesitate to contact your local leadership or the Help Desk.

HOW TO VIEW YOUR Distribution Groups

  1. In Outlook Web, click on the upper right <>
  2. Under Your App Settings, click <Mail> in the bottom right.
  3. On the left side of your screen, click <General> to expand the sub-options.
  4. Click <Distribution Groups>
  5. In the main display, there will be two tables – Groups I Belong To and Groups I Own
  6. Groups I Own should contain all of the groups you own. Clicking on a group and then the <Pencil Icon> will open a new window and allow you to edit. Clicking the <Membership> tab to add/remove people from distribution lists.
  7. Groups I Belong To will list all of the groups you are a member of.


  1. Groups I Own will contain all of the groups you own. Clicking on a group and then the <Pencil Icon> will open a new window and allow you to edit. Clicking the <Membership> tab to add/remove people from distribution lists.
  2. To remove people, click their name and click <>
  3. To add people, click the <>, search for their name(s) and then click <Save>

Access Google Drive 

You can access your google drive documents here: https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive

Update Contact information

You can update your contact information here. Please note that you will not be able to change your display name, first name, or last name. Attempting to do so will result in an error. Information you can edit is highlighted in green below:

Access Outlook email

On AUGUST 6 –  Access your email by visiting http://portal.office.com/

Once you’re signed in, you’ll find the Outlook web application. At this time, you will only have access to use the Outlook Online web client.

Outlook email functionality should look familiar. Your emails might be filtered using the default “Focused” inbox functionality. This means that messages analyzed as important will filter to your first tab. Emails identified as spam or not as critical will filter into the ‘Other” tab. You can change using the settings tab.

Functionality for the Outlook calendar is very similar to the GMail calendar. Your calendar should also look familiar. You have the ability to use the day, work week, week, or the month view.

The ability to add Blue Jeans to events can be found on the top center of your screen once you’ve launched an event window.

How to add your signature in Outlook Web

Sharing Calendars

Viewing a coworker’s calendar
  • Navigate to your Calendar window within the Outlook Web App. 
  • In the left sidebar, right click on “People’s Calendars” or “Other Calendars” and select “Open Calendar”
    • In the window that pops up, type the name of the coworker you’d like to add. There should be a drop down showing their email address and profile.
    • Click their profile to add it.
    • Click “Open” to add their calendar to yours.
  • In the sidebar, you can click a coworker’s name to turn their calendar on or off in your view.

On August 6 – Before attempting to set up your email on mobile, be sure that you have logged into the web portal to complete the setup process after the migration is finished.

Android Set Up 

Outlook App

  • Make sure you download the Outlook app, and not the O365 app
  • Click on Add Account / Add E-mail Account
  • Enter your Team Rubicon email address
  • At the bottom of screen, you have to click on  “Not Google?”
  • Brings you to a new page with various account type options
  • If you are paid staff choose either O365 or Exchange. If you are a volunteer, choose O365
  • After this, you should see your account added to the app.
  • If you wish to modify your signature:

    • Navigate to Settings (gear icon) > Signature
    • Make any changes that you wish to make.
    • Click the “check mark” to save your changes.

iPhone Set Up 

Outlook App

  • Download the Outlook App
  • Select Add Account
  • Log In with your Team Rubicon Email Address
  • When you see a google sign on page, follow the below steps:
    • Click “Done” in the top left of your screen
    • You should be back on the previous screen, but with an option to “Setup Account Manually”
    • Click “Setup Account Manually”
    • If you are paid staff, choose either O365 or Exchange. If not, choose O365
    • Use Advance Settings and enter email, password, description, server (outlook.office365.com) and sign in (i used the prefix to the email – just my name)
    • Log in to your account, including the Two-Step Verification.
  • You should see your account added to the app.
  • If you wish to modify your signature:
    • Navigate to Settings (gear icon) > Signature
    • Make any changes that you wish to make.
    • Click the “check mark” to save your changes.

Outlook training 

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook email. Training includes how to set up your account and use Outlook Web Access. You’ll also learn how to manage your time with the Calendar and Tasks features.

Get the basics or explore more with these online training courses or watch our training tutorial below.

Getting Help

Please visit the Help Desk for migration assistance. We will continue to add important information to this site, so please visit early and often!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this change affecting?

All users with a TR email account will be transitioned from GMail to Outlook Web

What is being copied from my GMail inbox to my Outlook inbox?

Emails, Contacts, Calendar items, & Labels

Can I access my email during the migration? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Will there be any downtime?

Yes, during the migration you will still have access to your GMail account. New incoming emails will be forward automatically to your Outlook account.

How will my contacts be impacted?

Your full contact list will be imported along with your emails. If you have any custom fields associated with your contacts,

How will my calendar be impacted?

Your calendar events (individual and recurring) will all be moved during the migration. Once you're logged into the Outlook Web App, you will find your calendar fully populated. You will be able to create events, add bluejeans meetings, book rooms and invite others to the event.

Please note that any customization to your calendar items, such as color coding them, will not be automatically carried over to Microsoft. You'll have to go in and "Categorize" your calendar events after the migration is complete.

Can I still access my Google Drive documents?

Yes, you will still have full access to your Google Drive documents, you will simply sign in using your TR email address via the Microsoft portal. Once you've logged in, you will be routed back to your Google Drive account. Please note that at this time there is no plan to migrate Google Drive documents to OneDrive or SharePoint.

Will shared mailboxes get migrated?

Yes, shared mailboxes will be migrated as well. If you are the owner of a shared inbox, you should submit a service request claiming ownership of that inbox so that you can be granted access to the inbox. Once you have been granted ownership, it will be up to you to add other people who need access to it.

How do I access my email on mobile?

Before attempting to set up your email on mobile, be sure that you have logged into the web portal to complete the setup process after migration is finished.The simplest solution is to download the outlook mail app and add your account information.

For guides on how to set up your email in your phone's mail client, or other apps, follow the appropriate guides here.

Will my labels (folders) transfer?

Yes, your labels will transfer and become "folders" in the Outlook Web App. If you have a hierarchy of Labels and Sub-Labels, then you will see a folder hierarchy that reflects this, with Folders and Sub-Folders

Will my favorited or flagged emails transfer?

Yes, emails that are "starred" will be included in a "Starred" folder within Outlook Web, and emails that are marked as "important" in GMail will be denoted as "important" with an exclamation mark on them.

Will my junk mail/spam settings transfer?

If you have set any parameters in your Junk Mail/Spam, make note of them, such as trusted users or who you have on your block list, you will have to set them in your new account.

To change or update your Junk settings in the Outlook Web App, follow this guide.

What will I need to do to get ready?

Users are asked to delete all unnecessary email from GMail. The size of your mailbox will define how long it will take for all of your information to transfer.

If you use any "canned responses" in GMail, it is recommended that you save copies of them in a word document so that you can easily recreate them as "Templates" in Outlook Web. Similarly, take screenshots of your filter rules in GMail to make recreating them in Outlook Web as easy as possible.

Can I send "canned responses"?

Yes, Outlook Web has a "templates" which serve the same function as "canned responses" in GMail.To access your templates, Open a new email (or reply to an email you've received, and click the Templates icon in the bottom right corner of the New Email window. From here, you can choose a pre-made template to respond with, or click the "+ Template" to create and save a new Template for future use.

If you require "Templates" that are longer than a few sentences, you'll want to download an add-in called "Template Phrases" To do this, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner, and select "Manage Add-Ins" - search for Template Phrases and click add. You should see an extra icon in the bottom right when you open a new email draft, but if not, try logging out and then back in.

How do I add or look at a teammates calendar?

Navigate to your calendar and click on the "Add Calendar" icon found on the top center of your screen. Click on "From Directory" and search for your teammate.

How do I update my contact information?

Your contact information can be updated here.

Please note that you cannot update your Display name, first name, or last name, Attempting to do so will result in an error.

Where did my Google Groups go?

TR's Google Groups have finally made the jump over to Office 365 Distribution Groups. To see the groups you're a part of, and to manage groups that you own, open the Settings menu in Outlook Web, then select Mail from the bottom of the menu. From here, expand the General tab on the left side, and select Distribution Groups.