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Team Rubicon Tracking on Hurricane Harvey

As Texas declares a state of emergency for 30 counties before Hurricane Harvey makes landfall, Team Rubicon is monitoring Harvey’s movement and positioning resources for a response.

The National Hurricane Center issued a storm surge watch along the coast of Texas, as Harvey is expected to gain strength in the coming days and impact the coastlines of Louisiana and Mexico as well.

Volunteers with Team Rubicon have responded to 14 disasters in the state of Texas since 2010, including the flooding that plagued the Houston area in the spring of 2016.

Team Rubicon launched Operation Moonshot and deployed over 150 volunteers to Houston in 2016 in response to severe flooding.

Earlier that year, the organization erected its National Operations Center in Dallas due to its geographic importance, strong emergency management community, and high veteran population.

Help the volunteers of Team Rubicon help communities when they need it most by making a donation in support of veteran-led disaster response.