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Team Rubicon Deploys Water Rescue Teams to Houston

Team Rubicon dispatched three rescue boats from its National Operations Center in Dallas on Monday morning.

Volunteers trained in water rescue are in Houston supporting emergency services that are strained by conducting search and rescue operations.

As viewers across the country tune in to evolving media coverage of the residual effects of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, many are asking, “How can I help?” Consider donating or registering to volunteer with Team Rubicon.

How is Team Rubicon qualified to help and what will they do with donated dollars?

  • Team Rubicon is the only disaster response organization utilizing the skills and experiences of military veterans to take on disasters of any scale. Veterans are built to serve and uphold our service principles – tenacity, accountability, impartiality, innovation, and collaboration – during times of crisis.
  • Of nearly 50,000 volunteers across the country, 70 percent have military experience while the other 30 percent are first responders and service-oriented civilians who bring unique skills to the mission, such as SAR, disaster mapping, technical expertise, communications support – you name it

  • Before we deploy any volunteers to the field, we require them to complete preliminary online training so they know what to expect, who they will coordinate with along the chain of command, and understand safety is paramount in helping communities on their worst day.
  • When hurricanes and severe flooding strike, Team Rubicon will focus on its core capabilities to support affected residents – conducting damage assessments to gain an understanding of each community’s needs, removing flooded debris, drywall, insulation, and any other items that could take on mold, tackling expedient home repair to salvage homes where possible, and managing local volunteers who may not be privy to safety precautions but want to help their neighbors. Our primary goal – get residents back into their homes as soon as possible.

  • Team Rubicon coordinates with our National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) partners during disasters. We do what we do best and partner for the rest, so we can guide residents to any other services they may need, such as food, shelter, or mental health support.
  • This team thrives in uncertain situations and our volunteers want to tackle the dirty work. Take it from Army veteran Brandon Stoddard, who recently deployed to Illinois to clean up after severe flooding plagued the northeast corner of the state.

So when you ask yourself how to help, please consider joining or supporting Team Rubicon’s volunteer force of trained helpers. We’ve responded to over 200 disasters across the world, and we’re gearing up to provide more Harvey relief as soon as possible.

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Hailey Carter

Hailey serves on the development department at Team Rubicon. She’s a Southern California native and has earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!). In her free time, you can find her at the beach, watching cheesy shark movies, or continuing her search for the best Mexican food in LA.