Region 5

Trust Your Wingman

Let’s paint a picture. I’ll supply the imagery in words; you, the imagination. Weather: a moderate 75 degrees, sunny skies, spotted with small clouds providing sporadic relief from the rays, a 20 percent chance of precipitation that never develops but brings out the wildlife, and warm, calm, crystal clear, glassy water. Now take all of … Read More

Team Rubicon News

Blue Screen of Death Won’t Halt Our Progress

The other day I had an encouraging conversation over the phone (who knew that cell phones could still function as telephones?) with one of our regional leaders. She shared how even when she dedicates in excess of 40 hours a week to Team Rubicon, there is still more work to be done. She bragged about … Read More

Team Rubicon News

Understanding Suicide

I know nothing about suicide. I know even less so about military veterans who commit suicide. I first became involved with veterans through work I did as a consultant at the VA several years ago. One day at work, I found Team Rubicon via a Facebook post on the VA’s page. As an employee, I … Read More