In The Grey

They Asked, I Told

A veteran reflects on his love of service, his separation from the military just before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and finding a new family in the TRibe.

Region 5

Stuck on Serving

Air Force veteran Brianne Richter is addicted to serving with Team Rubicon and is currently not seeking a remedy.

Region 5

I’m a Veteran and Civilians are My Friends

As veterans, we take on inherent responsibilities – responsibilities we may not have asked for and yet there they are. Veterans are often held to a higher standard. We’re often admired by the public, expected to carry ourselves differently, maintain our military bearing even when we’ve taken off the uniform, and we aren’t necessarily supposed … Read More

Team Rubicon News

Lessons from Dad

I began volunteering for Team Rubicon after a Google search for international jobs. I filled out the application, spoke to a leader in Region 3, and a week later, I was hooked. I didn’t know the first thing about veterans of this generation, but my father, uncle, and great uncle served in the U.S. Navy, … Read More