More Than a Mom

Team Rubicon volunteer, Navy veteran, and Clay Hunt Fellow Windy Barton reflects on eight years of service and growth.


After the Tornadoes, the Homeowner Who Changed Me

It’s the people that keep me coming out to deployments. The Greyshirts and the clients have added a dimension to my life that I’ve never had before. As an introvert, I’ve always had anxiety about interacting with new people in new situations, but from the beginning, when I joined Team Rubicon two-and-a-half years ago, I … Read More


Spring in the Air and Hope on the Horizon

On his first national deployment with Team Rubicon, a Chicago volunteer tilled soil, supported a COVID-19 vaccination clinic, and witnessed the pandemic’s effects at the Navajo Nation.


Finding Hope on Church Street

A Greyshirt who responded to Hurricanes Laura and Delta in Lake Charles, LA, reflects on the homeowner who gave him the gift of a lifetime.


Getting a Shot to Get Back in the Field

A Greyshirt reflects on how a life-saving opportunity—getting the COVID-19 vaccine—means the opportunity to serve survivors.