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Serving as a Clay Hunt Fellow: What to Expect

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program was established in 2012 to increase volunteer engagement and build leadership within Team Rubicon’s domestic disaster response initiatives. Through their role, Fellows not only receive the mission, community, and self-worth that Clay sought, but they are charged with building similar opportunities for others within the organization.

This 12-month program is divided into two phases – the first being self-discovery. As veterans, we were very comfortable with who we were in uniform, but now that it’s hung up, few take the time to figure out who we are now. This program helps veterans define who they are now and who they want to be. What are your strengths and how do you align them with your passion? CHFP helps individuals figure all that out.

The second phase of the program focuses on improving Team Rubicon with the aim of becoming the best disaster response organization in the world. The Fellows are charged with tackling a capstone project focused on in enhancing our capabilities and improving our processes.

In summary, the fellowship identifies volunteers who needed Team Rubicon and helps them become the volunteer leaders this organization needs.

On March 31, 2011, we lost Clay to the demons of PTS, but his words continue to drive us – challenging us to provide the world with what it so desperately needs: “It doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that you are continuing to put others before yourself, just like you did when you were in the military. Actions like that are the only sure ways to bring about the positive social change that our country and our world need so badly these days, and that is exactly what we do at Team Rubicon.”

Marine veteran and original Team Rubicon member Clay Hunt (1982 – 2011).

The fellowship will likely be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you’ve endured. Are you ready to continue your service as a Clay Hunt Fellow? To put others before yourself just like you did in uniform? Are you ready to step into the arena? If the answer is yes, take some time to learn more. Applications open at the beginning of each year and eligible volunteers will be notified via email, Roll Call, and at

Michael Davidson serves as Clay Hunt Fellows Program Coordinator for Team Rubicon. He's is a local boy from the Aloha State and retired from the Navy after 23 years in submarine service. Michael holds a B.S. in Business Management Information Systems from Hawai'i Pacific University and M.A. in International Commerce from Norwich University. He has an affinity for food served on a stick and when not at work you can find him on the beach pondering what lies over the horizon.