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Puerto Rico Update: 100 Families Served

As you’ve heard us mention once or twice before, we have a bias for action. We may get a thing wrong here or there but we get it right more often than not. Our response to the enormity of the housing crisis in Puerto Rico has been confirmed as the right call by more than 100 families (comprising nearly 300 people) across eleven communities where we’ve rebuilt roofs. We’re pretty proud of that.

Over the next few months, we’re planning to reach at least 250 more families. This is only possible through the donors that trusted us from the onset, have been patient with us as we’ve learned, and were willing to defy the status quo. To learn more about the background on our approach, take a moment to read our previous highlights on Puerto Rico here and here.


Corey Eide serves as Team Rubicon's Deputy Director of Field Operations. He's a Southern Californian native but fell for the east coast after living in DC (go statehood!) where he led the modernization of the American Red Cross’ disaster recovery services. Over a decade of experience in the disaster space, he defies the tyranny of precedent and believes disaster survivors demand better. He graduated from Tulane University with a masters in international development where he facilitates learning environments focused on disaster risk reduction, urban disaster recovery, trends in response and recovery and disruptions in the non-profit sector.