Five Hours to Destroy a Lifetime’s Building

“It took 25 years to get things like we wanted. It took only five hours for all of it to be destroyed,” Roland Benton, patriarch of the Benton clan, said, while standing next to a big red tractor behind his son Bobby’s house in Sneads, Florida. Roland was using the tractor to cart away debris removed by Team Rubicon volunteers … Read More

Meet The Next Cohort of Clay Hunt Fellows That Will Continue to Rebuild Houston

When Team Rubicon became an established 501(c)(3) in 2010, our mission was to deploy skilled, experienced military veterans and medical professionals to disaster zones abroad. From 2010–2011, we deployed to Haiti, South Sudan, the Thai/Burma border, Pakistan, and Chile. When one of the eight original members of Team Rubicon, Clay Hunt, took his life in … Read More

Team Rubicon’s Arrival was an Answered Prayer

Carmen’s home sits opposite an intersection in a crowded part of Canovanas, where all around are houses in various states of repair, disrepair, and vacancy since Hurricane Maria. When we arrive to speak with her, she yells in Spanish over lively music emanating from her property that she “feels shitty” because her back hurts so … Read More

Losing Everything After 45 Years

Team Rubicon has been investing more than $4 million in Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria. We have hired local contractors to rebuild more than 400 roofs and a minimum of three houses by the end of 2018. But these numbers do not tell the whole story; the whole story can only be told by … Read More

Access to Technology Is Crucial During Disaster Response

Operation Amberjack, Team Rubicon’s response to Hurricane Michael, would not be as effective if it weren’t for our partnerships, such as the one with Information Technology Disaster Resource Center or the IDTRC, a non-profit founded by husband and wife team Joe and Debbie Hillis. I tagged along with Joe and his volunteer team for an afternoon as … Read More

Getting Ahead of the Wildfires

During the last weekend in September, while dozens of Team Rubicon volunteers were on the ground in North Carolina providing relief in the wake of Hurricane Florence, Greyshirts were also active in Alaska conducting critical wildfire mitigation work. Team Rubicon partnered with the Anchorage Fire Department and Wildland Fire Mitigation Specialist John See to clear a dense area of black spruce trees and undergrowth that posed a high fire risk to homes in … Read More