Operation Update: Preparing for Multiple Hurricane Responses

As we move towards the end of September, the Hurricane season has only intensified. Despite the overwhelming number of storms spinning up, Team Rubicon remains vigilant, monitoring and maintaining our rebuild projects in Texas and Puerto Rico. Monitoring  Team Rubicon’s southwest team has eyes on the Pacific, where Hurricane Olivia has recently downgraded to a … Read More

9/11: Memories and Reflection

I was probably 10 years old when I first realized that a major event could bring up memories many years later. I was with my childhood friend when his mother walked through the room, eyes red and with remnants of tears on her cheeks. My buddy asked if she was alright and she stated that … Read More

Key Partnerships in Our Disaster Relief

The moment was early December, 2017. Months after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, 30K+ families were living in homes without roofs, making a temporary home with friends and family, or sleeping in a shelter. After three months of providing assistance in the form of debris management and medical services (to paint the picture, … Read More

Remote Support: A Crucial Part of TR Operations

When events happen, large or small, Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center (NOC) springs into action to support Team Rubicon operations.  Part of that support, is engaging members who can’t otherwise deploy on operations due to school, work, family obligations, or physical limitations.  Here are 7 ways you can lend a hand from the comfort of … Read More

Team Rubicon Rebuilds Puerto Rico One Roof at a Time

It’s been a year since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, and Team Rubicon has been on the ground there ever since, first as disaster responders, doing assessments of damage to main infrastructures such as electricity and water supplies, and providing clean up and emergency medical help. And now, Team Rubicon is investing $4 million into … Read More

What WHO Certification Means for Team Rubicon

At the end of June, the World Health Organization visited Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center in Dallas, Texas, as the final step in the certification of the Emergency Medical Team Type 1 mobile verification. The certification was the culmination of more than two and a half years of work of professionalizing TR’s medical capability, and TR … Read More