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No Excuses, Results Only

What day is it? The team is beat. Their eyes are bloodshot from 18-hour days staring deep in the spreadsheets and monitors. Their posture is worsening. Their hearts are thumping as if they were mainlining caffeine, yet they push on. Even the most GQ of them of has grown a deployment beard which would make a submariner green with envy. Yet, they click, they coordinate, they calm.

This is your brain on mobilization.

Stay calm. There is absolute chaos outside, yet they remain calm. There is a task to do and they execute. Everyone has a role and each knows it. They are mobilizing. Their world fuses humanity, technology, logistics, communications, marketing, customer service, and finance into one massive coordination machine. They are moving fellow Greyshirts from across the country and around the globe to the center of a disaster zone.

The three most common expressions on the team are “roger that,” “let’s do this,” and “on it.” (The trash-talking is a close second, to include vicious arguments about proper grammar.) They approach challenges with such tenacity if they were on a sledge hammer, it would surely break. Fortunately, they type and click with the finesse of an excel angel.

Field Operations intern tradition: keyboard smash.

Nothing is sacred. The team breathes innovation. There is always a better way to do something. What can we automate? What can we remove? Where can we sprint? They challenge every assumption. When they break shit, they own the “oops,” but they stay focused forward. They do not stop to dwell, but they acknowledge the sunk costs and move forward. They hold each other accountable to the hard routine because all eyes are on them when it’s go time. They offer full transparency as a way to pull others into the drive for innovation.

MBA intern jamming through data.

Just execute. Just when they think they’re able to take a pause, the calls go out, and more respond. It’s go time, again. It would be easy to hand off to someone else or just close the laptop. They stay. They push through the frustration and the never-ending task list. They take responsibility. They fulfill their obligations, and they set the example for what it means to execute. There are people out there who need a team of Greyshirts to bring comfort and calm on what is likely the worst day of their life.

The team does this every day. They are just one small but mighty part of Field Operations. In their world, perfection is rewarded by not being pummeled by complaints. Think you have what it takes to be one of them?

Prove it. Step into our Arena and apply to open positions with Team Rubicon.

Deputy Director of Membership Pat Ross III grew up in Connecticut and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Political Science and the answers to all the world‰Ûªs problems. For six years he supported Marine Infantry Battalions and advised foreign military forces. After finishing his time with the Corps, he completed a Masters of Business Administration at The Ohio State University.