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Invitation to Explore Our Data

For several years, we’ve provided insight into the way we assist individuals affected by disasters. With the scale of Hurricane Harvey (and now on the heels of Irma), we recognized we needed to accelerate the opportunity to share new and deeper levels of data with our stakeholders.

In launching our open initiative, we are leaning in and exercising two of our service principles:

  1. Accountability: We earn trust and confidence by maximizing our impact and maintaining fiscal and operational transparency. Critical evaluation ensures the welfare of beneficiaries and members; effectiveness of operations; efficient use of funding; and good governance.
  2. Innovation: Established norms beg to be tested. We creatively leverage resources to meet the needs of the ever-changing disaster landscape while respectfully pushing against dated practices, always striving to provide greater service to those in need.

To some extent, we’re building the plane as we go and we’re comfortable with a journey that will roll out different aspects as they come. In our minds, perfection is the enemy of progress, and we want to move Team Rubicon and those that join us in the journey forward.

Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we’ve partnered with Palantir Technologies, who build software that connects data, technologies, humans, and environments. Together, we’ve created a dynamic space to share key data that helps us make deliberate investments, develop operational planning objectives, and ensure we are delivering timely, high-quality help for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Our goal is to inform donors, volunteers, fellow non-profit organizations, academics – anyone who cares about our mission. We’ll be enriching these data sets in the coming weeks and months, and while we’re not quite there yet, we’re working towards timely updates of data.

As we mentioned last week, we’re asking you how we can improve our effectiveness at providing relief to disaster survivors. We invite you to explore our dashboard, extract insights, and generate questions. Your commentary is encouraged, and today, you can drop us a line in the comments section below. In the coming weeks, we’ll be increasing the options for you to provide feedback.

So buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the journey. Thanks in advance for flying the TR skies!

Art delaCruz is the COO of Team Rubicon. He served honorably for over 22 years in the United States Navy and enjoyed a career that included a broad range of assignments. Art commanded a Navy strike-fighter squadron, spent one year with McKinsey & Co. as a Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow, served as a Topgun instructor, and made six combat deployments. After retiring, he spent two and a half years in the aerospace and defense sector in the roles of business development and strategy and planning.