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Hurricane Relief Update

As hundreds of Team Rubicon volunteers provide hurricane relief in Texas and Florida, our field operations team is also evaluating the need for support in Puerto Rico and Dominica after Hurricane Maria swept through the Caribbean.

On Sunday, Sept. 24, a reconnaissance team safely arrived to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to connect with local members, authorities, and military personnel to identify any gaps in services Team Rubicon could help meet. We are also mobilizing a team to provide medical assistance on the island nation of Dominica.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, over 1,000 volunteers have served 361 homeowners in Texas since the storm made landfall on Aug. 25. More than 400 are currently on the ground across seven communities on the Gulf Coast. In Florida, another 153 volunteers have provided Hurricane Irma relief across three counties – Brevard, Clay, and Collier.

Volunteers knock out requests for assistance in Wharton, TX.

Over the weekend, 28 volunteers conducted an economic recovery operation while completing disaster response training in Omaha, Nebraska, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army.

Last, Team Rubicon deployed a search-and-rescue capable recon team to Mexico on Sept. 21 in the wake of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The team returned to the National Operations Center on Sept. 25 after determining follow-on assistance was not needed, with local resources sufficiently supporting those impacted by the quake.

A recon team deployed to central Mexico in the wake of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

In the last month, over 13,000 individuals have signed up to serve as a volunteer with Team Rubicon. Register today and join the team.

A former U.S. Army infantry captain and Iraq veteran, Dennis Clancey joined Team Rubicon as a volunteer in 2014, responding to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes and Texas floods. In September 2015, he joined the organization full-time as the Deputy Director in charge of global disaster response.