Forward Watch

Forward Watch, September 3: Hurricane Laura

Team Rubicon expands the scope of its Hurricane Laura response to serve the people of Orange, TX.

Situation Report 

The confirmed number of casualties caused by Hurricane Laura has risen to 19. 

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, 28,000 structures are reported to have sustained significant damage. Local utility companies say it could be weeks until power is turned back on for tens of thousands of residents. The lack of electricity has made it difficult for people to access online resources. 

Nearly a week after the storm, 95% of the roads in Lake Charles are clear. 

Due to fears of coronavirus outbreaksofficials in Lake Charles have limited the numbers of shelters available. Many evacuees have had to choose between surviving in unsafe homes or driving hundreds of miles to find a hotel room. 

In the nearby city of Orange, TX, Hurricane Laura uprooted large trees that landed on people’s houses and crippled the electrical grid. Of all the towns in Texas affected by Hurricane Laura, Orange sustained the worst damage.  

Communities in the region fear that their plight and appeals for help will be overshadowed in the media by the COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 election. 

How Team Rubicon is Responding: 

Crisis Cleanup Support 

Greyshirts are volunteering remotely to the support the Crisis Cleanup hotline (844-965-1386) by answering calls from homeowners, taking their requests for assistance, and connecting them with NGO’s like Team Rubicon that can provide aid. 

Core Disaster Relief Capabilities: Operation Crying Eagle 

Lake Charles, LA 

Team Rubicon has 72 Greyshirts on the ground in Lake Charles. So farincident command has dispatched teams on six work orders, and they have leads on 26 more clients in need. 

Orange, TX 

Today, Operation Crying Eagle opens a new front in Orange, Texas. Greyshirts and disaster response trailers from Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center in Grand Prairie, TX are descending on the forward operating base that has been established in the Port of Orange Naval Base. 

Greyshirt strike teams will fan out through the city conducting site surveys, debris removal, and expedient home repairs.  


Team Rubicon’s National Training Shop will ramp up roof tarping and sawyer 1 training to meet the immediate needs of Operation Crying Eagle. 

COVID-19 Safety 

COVID-19 health and hygiene protocols are being applied for all Greyshirts traveling to the operation. Billeting is in place based on CDC and WHO recommendations. 

To support Team Rubicon’s response to Hurricane Laura, please donate today.