Current Operations

Forward Watch, August 26: Hurricane Laura

Team Rubicon is pulling out all the stops to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Laura.

Situation Report 

Category 4 Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall on the Gulf Coast near the border between Texas and Louisiana 

Communities from Beaumont, TX to Lake Charles, LA face an imminent threat of storm surge flooding, 140 mph winds, and up to 10 inches of rain.  

Residents of this area tend to rank high on the social vulnerability index and have reported some of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the country; factors that may compound the effect of damage inflicted by the storm.   

How Team Rubicon is Responding 

Route Clearance 

Route clearance teams are being positioned as close to the point of impact as possible. These crews exist to remove physical debris that prevents disaster survivors from accessing critical services like food, water, shelter, and medical treatment. 

First recognized as a need during the 2017 hurricane seasonthe route clearance capability was piloted on Team Rubicon’s response to Hurricane Dorian in 2019. Currently, Team Rubicon is the only nonprofit or non-governmental organization equipped to offer this service. 

Resource Staging 

Trailers loaded with critical disaster response gear have been positioned in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, and Hattiesburg, MSAs soon as the immediate danger of Hurricane Laura has passed, these mobile resource centers will head to impacted communities to supply Greyshirts in the field. 

EOC Support 

Two Greyshirt leaders have been dispatched to Texas’ Harris County Office of Emergency Management to assist the planning team with their response to Hurricane Laura. This deployment represents a new level of coordination between Team Rubicon and local authorities responsible for managing disaster. 

Ongoing Operations: Houston Rebuild 

Team Rubicon is no stranger to helping communities in the region that have been impacted by hurricanes. Launched in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, this long-term recovery operation has refurbished more than 100 damaged houses, allowing disaster survivors to come home and return to normalcy. Despite the potential for some unfavorable weather in Houston caused by Hurricane Laura, Team Rubicon’s rebuild team has decided to continue with their work unabated. 

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