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Honoring Clay on Their Wedding Day

Peter Saxon wasn’t interested in taking a shortcut for his bride’s wedding day gift. On Oct. 12, 2013, he married Anna, the eighth-grade history teacher from New Orleans who stole his heart in Nashville three years earlier.

“She’s the best thing that ever happened to a schmuck like me,” said Peter, an Ohioan by birth and pharmacy supply chain manager by trade.

He was determined to give her something she’d remember long after last call at the reception, something with impact and meaning. Peter recalled Anna’s friendship with Clay Hunt (1982-2011), a Marine veteran and original member of Team Rubicon.

“Anna and Clay met a long time ago through friends while she was a camp counsellor in Pennsylvania. They became very close and remained in touch until that Wednesday Clay lost his battle with PTSD days before her birthday,” recalled Peter. “And then it just came to me.”

Peter rallied their friends and family, told them about Team Rubicon’s mission, and asked wedding attendees to donate on behalf of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program, TR’s year-long leadership program for veteran members of the organization. They generously opened their pockets, even those who had little to spare, and Peter presented Anna with a signed letter of acceptance on behalf of Team Rubicon on their wedding night in Fort Morgan, Alabama.

“Anna had an extremely difficult time after Clay’s passing,” said Peter. “It was easy to see how much Clay meant to everyone he’d come in contact with. It was apparent God put him on this earth to serve a purpose and it was a heavy cross to bear.”

Today, Peter and Anna are expecting their first child with plans to share this story with their son some day.

“Anna spreads love and decency every day, and she’s willing to and wanting to help in any way possible, much like the members of Team Rubicon. I hope our son grows up to do the same. I hope if he ever decides to serve his country and faces challenges our veterans see today, that TR volunteers and likeminded people are still around to give him hope and love. I hope to tell him this story, so he learns there are people like those in Team Rubicon doing good every day.”