Forward Watch

Forward Watch, October 23

A look at Team Rubicon’s active hurricane response operations and wildfire monitoring.

Hurricanes Laura and Delta 

Lake Charles, LA

As of October 22, 47 Greyshirts are on the ground serving in Lake Charles, LA. To date, over 442 Greyshirts have deployed to this area as part of Operation Crying Eagle. Their work orders include chainsaw operations, expedient home repairs, muck outs, and heavy equipment operations.

Team Rubicon is revisiting homeowners who received assistance during the first round of Hurricane Laura recovery. Greyshirts will offer their services once again to those whose homes sustained more damage from Hurricane Delta.

We have assisted over 444 individuals and completed over 222 work orders, with 95 work orders remaining.

Orange, TX

As of October 22, 30 Greyshirts are on the ground in Orange, TX. Nearly 230 Greyshirts have deployed to this area as part of Operation Crying Eagle.

We have assisted 300 individuals and completed 137 work orders. Services being provided include chainsaw operations, roof tarping, and expedient home repair.

Hurricane Sally

As of October 22, 46 Greyshirts are on the ground between Robertsdale, AL, and Pensacola, FL assisting individuals and families. To date, over 182 Greyshirts have deployed to this region as part of Operation Damn the Torpedoes.

We have assisted 203 individuals and completed 91 work orders, with 42 open work orders remaining.

Wildfire Monitoring and Response 

Team Rubicon is monitoring wildfires around the country and is poised to respond. In 2020, wildfires have burned more than 5.6 million acres across 14 different states. 


Cal Fire has reported 8,700 fires this year. These blazes have burned over 4.1 million acres and destroyed 9,200 structures. 

Currently, California reports 12 active fires burning over 2.1 million acres. 


Colorado reports three active fires burning across 475,000 acres. One of the more destructive unconfined fires is the Cameron Peak Fire, the largest wildfire in the state’s history.


In Oregon, one of the states experiencing the worst devastation, the Holiday Farm Fire has burned over 17,000 acres.

Between October 14–19, Team Rubicon deployed to the towns of Rainbow and McKenzie Bridge, Oregon–communities impacted by the Holiday Farm Fire. Greyshirts there provided debris management and cleared dangerous trees for residents.